Patriot Introduces Viper Steel Kits of 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules

Patriot Introduces Viper Steel Kits of 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules

The range of products for Viper Gaming, Patriot’s gaming sub-brand, is replenished with new memory modules from the Viper Steel series. We wrote about such offers of the SO-DIMM format of 8 and 16 GB last year, and this time the company released single-module solutions of 32 GB and complete solutions of 64 GB.

Viper Steel Series DDR4 Performance Memory modules are available in SO-DIMM and UDIMM form factors. The former are intended for use in gaming laptops and productive compact gaming stations, and the latter in full-sized gaming systems.

In the SO-DIMM form factor, single 32 GB modules are available with an effective clock speed of 2400, 2666 and 3000 MHz. In the performance of UDIMM, the manufacturer offers modules with a frequency of 3000, 3200 and 3600 MHz, which can be purchased both in single-module and complete versions in the form of two DDR4 memory slots with a capacity of 32 GB each.

Delays for new products are CL15, CL18 and CL18, respectively, with increasing frequency, regardless of single-module or complete options. All new products support Intel XMP 2.0 profiles, allowing you to set the memory frequency above the nominal.

It is also worth noting that Viper Steel is not only compatible with Intel processors, but is also suitable for platforms based on AMD processors. In addition, the manufacturer notes the use of selected memory chips and a ten-layer PCB that are not afraid of working at high temperatures. Viper Gaming DDR4 UDIMM memory modules also use compact cooling heatsinks.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report anything about prices.

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