“Perhaps the bank’s future is to become an API platform.”

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| 10/29/2020

Thanks to new technologies, the world is changing literally before our eyes. Naturally, digitalization does not bypass the interaction of companies with financial institutions and commercial banks.
Andrey Filatov, General Director
SAP Russia and the CIS, and Sergei Monin, Chairman of the Board of Raiffeisenbank, discussed the future of banking at an online conference on
practical digital solutions
Raif Vision

Andrey Filatov said that the company SAP recently conducted a study in the course of which she found out how CEOs from different sectors
economies measure the quality of their products and services. Data analysis showed that about 80% of top managers are confident that they offer a first-class service or product… Wherein only 8%
customers of these companies have confirmed that they receive quality service and products
The gap between what companies think of themselves and what customers think of companies and their products,
just monstrous!


“The most successful companies are those who integrate customer experience analytics (X-data) with business and operations data (O-data) and quickly change their processes to
to respond to changes in consumer experience, ”says Andrey Filatov. If customers are experiencing negative experiences, it is important that companies respond quickly and objectively so that efficiency
business did not suffer, but increased.

Sergei Monin believes that banks have already gone a certain way in the direction of “leveling and simplifying” the customer path. “Many clients probably remember the expedition departments to which
it was possible to get in from the back entrance, stand in line and pass their documents through the window in the counter. Today it is impossible to imagine that a commercial organization would communicate with its
clients, ”the head of Raiffeisenbank recalled. According to Sergei Monin, it is much more convenient for corporate clients of the bank to interact with the bank through OpenAPI, while using your
own systems and do not take any additional action.

“Building such an API platform is a daunting task for a bank. We already hear from our clients that they choose a bank not according to where it is more expensive or cheaper, but according to where the API is more convenient.
Perhaps the bank’s future is to become an API platform“, – suggested Sergey Monin. In his opinion, the future of the banking business belongs to a single platform, into which not one, but immediately
several banks with which the client cooperates.

Andrey Filatov said that today tocompany SAP can offer its clients from different sectors of the economy different
ERP-systems taking into account the specifics of their business, but they have a common IT-nucleus. “For this, the company has its own extensive network of research centers and
joint centers with our clients, banks, industrial enterprises, where we try to join forces in these studies to get the most benefit, ”he said. Apparently this
SAP take the race for efficiency to the next level.

Hin the market it is generally accepted that an ecosystem is a set lifestyle-services: music, taxi, cinema, food and so on. Sergei Monin believes
that it is impossible to do a truly banking business for a client alone. “Are we becoming an IT company? To some extent, while remaining entirely an organization that
deals with the financial side of the client’s life. Therefore, we will involve other companies in cooperation in order to create the most convenient customer experience, ”the banker said. In ego opinion, creation
a bank-centric ecosystem will allow as little distraction as possible on unnecessary things and focus as much as possible on what is really valuable to the client. “We focus on financial
side of the client’s life and we want to be professionals in this, ”concluded Sergei Monin.

Raiffeisenbank and SAP presented a platform that provides for the integration of the company’s ERP system with all servicing banks
in a single interface
… The product will allow corporate business to significantly reduce the burden on the company’s treasury by eliminating the need for a transition
from one client bank to another, which is important for companies that have several servicing banks and operate in different countries.

At the first stage of platform development, clients will be able to make ruble payments and receive ruble statements. Further product concept suggests conclusion
into the ERP system of all financial services
… In addition, Raiffeisenbank plans to implement additional functions that will help top management of companies make decisions.
based on the functionality of the aggregated treasury in the holding and forecasting financial flows.

The concept of integrating financial services in the SAP contour assumes cooperation with other banks on a non-discriminatory basis: Raiffeisenbank takes over the function
an agent responsible for the technical integration of banks into the platform
… Raiffeisenbank and
SAP are already negotiating with a number of banks and are convinced that
partnering with competitors will help bring customer experience to the next level. Because the financial world has long ceased to compete on price, and
customer satisfaction with the level of service.

Iya Yanina

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