Петербургский VR/AR-разработчик выиграл госгрант на платформы для школ

Petersburg VR / AR developer has won grants for school platforms

Modum Lab will create a platform for Russian school education with VR / AR and 3D technologies. On a competitive basis, the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation of the Russian Federation for these goals of the company was allocated 20 million rubles. at
this own investment in the platform from Modum Lab will be another 8 million rubles.

According to the results of the Competition “Digital Technologies” of the Foundation for the promotion of innovation in the selection of projects under the program “Development”, Petersburg VR / AR-developer Modum Lab was among the nine
IT companies that have received grants for project development.

According to the company, the platform will include VR / AR- and 3D-educational mechanics, as well as computer simulations. The digital product will be used in educational institutions in the country and will
available to third parties. The latter will be able to use the Modum Lab platform to create their own childcare IT solutions.

The basic idea behind the platform is to systemize technological educational material that incorporates VR / AR elements. Preliminary research will also make recommendations for creation
innovative digital teaching materials and help teachers easily manage them in the classroom.

31 companies have left applications for grants. Of these, only nine were approved. The selection was made taking into account the project objectives, company experience, financial and other indicators.

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