Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series X is sure to come out in the fall

Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series X is sure to come out in the fall

Preparations for the Xbox Series X console are on schedule, despite the coronavirus pandemic, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said in a recent interview. He also noted that the new product should debut exactly on schedule – in the fall of 2020, and immediately in all markets. Xbox One would not want to repeat the bad experience of the company.

Coronavirus is still having a huge impact on the world, but Microsoft is calm about the upcoming Xbox Series X. According to Spencer, to date, the company has guaranteed steady supply of new items, and there is no reason to believe that at the start of sales the console will be in short supply due to problems with the production or supply chains.

At the moment, the company is confident in its ability to meet demand this fall, and that is why it dismissed the opportunity to launch new items at different times in different countries. Only as a last resort, Microsoft will take such measures. This strategy did not work out well in the case of the Xbox One, the output of which throughout the world lasted for almost a year. Recall that she debuted in November 2013 in the United States and Europe and only in September 2014 became officially available in Japan, Russia and China.

The head of the Xbox also expressed confidence that developers at Microsoft itself and in other studios will have time to finish the game for the Xbox Series X by its release. Nevertheless, the new console is nothing without at least a few interesting games at the start of sales, and its output should be tied to the readiness of gaming innovations.

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