Photo of the day: metal space bug-goldfish

Photo of the day: metal space bug-goldfish

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offers a glimpse of a magnificent space object – a very young planetary nebula labeled NGC 7027.

The named structure is located at a distance of approximately 3000 light years from us in the constellation Cygnus. The age of the nebula is only 600 years, which is very small on a cosmic scale.

Externally, NGC 7027 is somewhat reminiscent of the shell of a gold-leaf beetle with a metallic color. The size of the formation is approximately 0.1 × 0.2 light-years, while usually similar structures have a diameter of at least 1 light-year.

The image was transmitted to Earth from the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope). This observatory began observing NGC 7027 back in 1998. By comparing old and new images, scientists can get additional information about the evolution of such structures.

We add that the planetary nebula NGC 7027 was discovered by the French astronomer Jean Marie Edouard Stefan back in 1878. Objects of this type consist of an ionized gas shell and a central star, a white dwarf.

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