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Phytium Tengyun S2500: 64-core ARM chip for eight-processor systems / ServerNews

As reported by cnTechPost, Phytium, a Chinese processor maker, has announced a new 64-core Tengyun S2500 chip targeted at high performance computing (HPC). The company was previously known for developments in this area – its processors formed the basis of the Tiahne supercomputers, which occupied the first lines of the TOP500 rating.

Images: cnTechPost

Images: cnTechPost

Unlike its predecessor FT-2000 + / 64, which is also 64-core, the cores of the new product, in addition to the 512 KB L2 cache, received a total 64 MB L3 cache. In addition, the chip supports eight DDR4-3200 memory channels. A hallmark of the Tengyun S2500 is the ability to combine — apparently seamless — from two to eight processors into a single system. Several lines of its own bus with a speed of 800 Gbit / s are used for communication between the CPUs.

The CPU is based on the FTC663 cores, clocked at 2 – 2.2 GHz. They are also used in the junior Phytium FT2000 / 4 chip introduced last year. The FTC600 series cores are based on a modified ARMv8 architecture and include redesigned integer and floating point blocks, ASIMD instructions, a new dynamic branch predictor, virtualization support, and traditional Chinese CPU encryption and security blocks that meet local standards.

The power consumption of new products reaches 150 watts. They will be manufactured at TSCM using the 16nm FinFET process technology. The start of mass production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, the 14nm desktop Phytium Tengrui D2000 chips will appear, which Tengrui D3000 will not replace in a year. The release of the 7nm Phytium Tengyun S5000 server processors is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021, and the 5nm Tengyun S6000 chips will appear in 2022.