PlayStation 4 is the best time to get to know the system. Buyer's Guide / Games

PlayStation 4 is the best time to get to know the system. Buyer’s Guide / Games

Just a little more, and the PlayStation 4 will pass the baton to the powerful newcomer with SSD storage and ray tracing support. But this is far from the end of PS4 history, and not even its decline – rather, a new phase. In this phase, the formed (and the broadest) line of games accumulated since the end of 2013, and, against the backdrop of the release of the PlayStation 5, the naturally falling price (although exchange rates may make this process less tangible) attract a new audience. It includes players from other platforms who are looking at exclusives with interest, and those who are far from the world of video games, but really want to join it, and who want to make a game center for the whole family out of their living room with a Full HD TV with an extensive selection projects for every taste.

Basically, this material is intended for beginners, not hardcore gamers – we tried to prepare a guide for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the wonderful world of interactive entertainment.

Take your PS4 out of the box, just plug in the power, HDMI cable, create an account, and you’re ready to play! The console commercials cleverly reveal this aspect …

⇡ #More fun on the couch!

The PS4 console (in fact, almost any, but we are talking about the PlayStation 4 today) has some range of advantages over a gaming personal computer. For a start, PlayStation 4, from the point of view of preparing and launching games, is many times more convenient and understandable. This is also a merit of the friendly interface, in which you will not get lost with all the desire. A significant role is played by the absence of the need to download additional software, install drivers, delve into graphical and other settings.

A less tangible plus from a practical point of view, but important from an emotional one, is the joy of playing in comfort, lounging relaxed on the couch or in your favorite chair, in splendid isolation or in the company of family / friends. Of course, a gaming computer can also be connected to a TV, since there is, for example, Steam Big Picture, but in terms of the totality of parameters, a specialized gaming system is still more convenient in this aspect – it is tailored for this. And the convenience of the console lies precisely in the principle of “turn it on – you play”, and not “plug it in – turn it on – set the screen resolution – connect the gamepad through the control panel – set the resolution and graphics settings of the game to the TV screen – figured out the surprises – you play.”

From an aesthetic point of view, the minimalistic Slim design wins, of course, but the

From an aesthetic point of view, the minimalistic Slim design wins, of course, but the “accordion” Pro will not suit every interior.

But the main and undoubted advantage over the “desktop elder brother” is that there is no need to make regular hardware upgrades. Even with active (but, of course, rational) use, the console will last for many years, and games developed for it will always run with a comfortable frame rate, optimal graphics settings, without slowdowns, freezes and other unpleasant troubles for the player (although there are egregious exceptions) … Here, of course, lies the main, according to some, disadvantage of the PS4 – the limited hardware power of the system, due to which developers sometimes have to make graphic compromises – just to ensure a stable thirty frames per second. But if you really care about the increased detail and performance, then there is the answer – PS4 Pro.

⇡ #A question of power and money

It is worth immediately identifying the cost of the issue in order to understand whether it makes sense to pay extra for specific benefits. For the “basic” PS4 Slim now have to pay 27,990 rubles (this paragraph shows the average prices on Yandex.Market at the time of preparation of the material)… For a more powerful Pro, they ask 34,380 rubles. And if you plan to play with a company on one couch, then add one more gamepad to the cost – 4,890 rubles for a standard DualShock 4 v2.

You can also look (but be careful!) For a used console – now, during the generational change, there are especially many of them. Prices on the secondary market range from 10,000 rubles for Slim and from 17,800 rubles for Pro, and if you wish, you can purchase the first version of PS4, discontinued, – from 13,000 rubles. Sometimes sellers offer discs with games or an additional gamepad as a bonus. But always be careful with such transactions and study the possible pitfalls in advance: check the equipment, appearance, performance and compliance with the description until the moment of payment – scammers do not sleep!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey looks great on the

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey looks great on the “younger” PS4 Slim

Determining which PS4 version is right for you is not so difficult. To begin with, it’s worth understanding that there is no critical gap between the graphics on Slim and Pro. Indeed, on the powerful version in some places the picture is more detailed and beautiful, in many (but not in all and not always) games the frame rate is doubled, and VR projects on it are launched more confidently. But still, first of all, Pro is intended for owners of 4K TVs, on the screens of which the benefits of a more powerful version will be most noticeable. But for a Full HD TV (if you are not going to change it in the near future, of course) it is better to choose the PlayStation 4 Slim – in general, you will not lose anything, but at a slightly more affordable price you will get access to excellent exclusives.

⇡ #All for the games

Over the past couple of years, Sony has certainly softened its approach to gaming exclusivity a bit, releasing several hits on the PC: Detroit: Become Human, an interactive film about the heavy plight of androids; post-apocalyptic action game with robodinosaurs Horizon Zero Dawn; The “brilliant” Death Stranding. But these are, rather, one-time cases of unprecedented generosity. The majority of the PS4 gaming lineup remains on the native platform and is not yet going to expand its coverage, which increases the appeal of the Sony console.

Let’s start with the three loudest entertainment projects that almost everyone will enjoy. They are cinematic and spectacular, easy to learn, do not require knowledge of the context or understanding of the game universe (all the necessary facts will be presented to the player unobtrusively in one form or another) and, of course, playing them is a pleasure!

The final chapter of one of the most iconic Sony exclusives, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, was marked by an unusually effective production, a high degree of family drama and a good variety of settings (from the windswept Scottish mountains to the exhausting Madagascar jungle). It also features some of the most spectacular chase in video game history!

By the way, PS4 can be purchased immediately with a set of games. For example, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel's Spider-Man. Also included is a three-month PS Plus subscription

By the way, PS4 can be purchased immediately with a set of games. For example, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Also included is a three-month PS Plus subscription

And if the final series of the adventures of Nathan, Elena and Sally seems too little for you, take a closer look at Uncharted: Nathan Drake. Collection “. This is a compilation of three parts of the series, originally released on the PlayStation 3, which have been improved for the PS4 generation. They seem a little archaic after the fourth part, but they remain peppy action adventure films.

Some heroes on PS4 have ended their adventures, while others have just begun. So the friendly neighbor from Marvel’s Spider-Man made another debut. And how – with almost the best superhero game in the foreseeable multiverse (yes, subjectively even better than the excellent Arkham trilogy from Rocksteady)! Here is a curious interpretation of Peter Parker, a powerful superhero action game, and a lively human relationship between the characters – everything so that the game does not just entertain a couple of dozen hours, but sinks into the soul. By the way, good news: the starting PlayStation 5 exclusive, Spider-Man: Miles Morales (the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man), will be released on PS4.

Spectacular scenes and controversial charismatic characters are the hallmarks of another exclusive superhero project. A sequel to the PS3 game series, inFamous: Second Son, brings the story of people with superpowers from a different, more mundane perspective. “Guides” (local carriers of super powers) are not considered heroes. On the contrary, they were labeled as “bioterrorists”, and a state organization called the “Department of Unified Defense” tirelessly hunts down people with manifested forces and sends them to secret casemates.

But Delsin, the hero of the game, is not from a timid dozen, and is ready for a feasible confrontation with DEZ. In battles, he resorts to the power of smoke, spectacularly blowing up the enemy’s technique, no less effectively escapes pursuits in the form of a neon bunch, or, in order to give the enemies an unprecedented beat, calls on angels, resorting to the power of … gaming! On the way, by the way, it doesn’t hurt to decide whether you are a hero or a villain (and act accordingly), because the ending will depend on this. But what is most remarkable about inFamous: Second Son is that it makes full use of the capabilities of DualShock 4. For example, the gyroscope allows you to paint graffiti like a spray of paint – the gamepad even needs to be shaken before your experiments in street art.

The DualShock 4 has a huge range of features. Alas, only single projects are using them to the fullest. For example, inFamous: Second Son, which offers graffiti on the walls of houses

The DualShock 4 has a huge range of features. Alas, only single projects are using them to the fullest. For example, inFamous: Second Son, which offers graffiti on the walls of houses

Let’s move on to the section of niche projects – great games, albeit with some “buts”. They can be scared off by a high level of complexity, an ambiguous plot, genre orientation, or, for example, an overly melancholic mood of the story. In a word – for the first acquaintance they are not suitable for everyone and not for everyone.

For example, the incredibly atmospheric, dark and multifaceted Bloodborne about the hunt for grotesque monsters from the famous master of the genre Hidetaka Miyazaki. If you join the hunt, then it will drag on for a long time. Personally, I, not a fan of multiple replay, completed the campaign six times, knocked out a platinum achievement and tried almost all the available equipment combinations – and this, by the standards of real fans of the game, only warmed up. But the perceived complexity and unusual narrative approach may be too uncomfortable for a beginner.

Breaking away from Bloodborne is as difficult as getting past it without taking damage.

Breaking away from Bloodborne is as difficult as getting past it without taking any damage.

Days Gone may seem uncomfortable too – because of the storytelling through flashbacks and slightly overestimated difficulty in the initial stages (well, or just don’t try to win every skirmish). But, deceiving at first glance, “Life After” suddenly captures the head and does not let go even after the final credits. Here is a mature history of relationships, and a story about sacrificial friendship, and the theme of self-acceptance with the search for a new meaning in life, and all this is accompanied by a good action game with elements of survival and excellent bike rides.

Famous for scandals, generated, among other things, by the plot and the personalities of the heroes, The Last of Us Part II also touches on sensitive topics, often shocking scenes of transcendental violence and tries to answer the eternal question – is the “tit for tat” principle acceptable. It is also a good survival game in the ruthless post-apocalyptic world, where even mushroom-like zombies are not as terrible as humans.

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest true PS4 exclusive. A picturesque action about the unequal struggle against the Mongol expansion in Japan. It can be difficult for a beginner, but it is certainly not uninteresting.

PS4 can be safely used as a Blu-ray player. You can also download apps for streaming services and watch your favorite TV shows

PS4 can be safely used as a Blu-ray player. You can also download apps for streaming services and watch your favorite TV shows

There are exclusives on PlayStation 4 not only for fans of story games, but also for fans of fast speeds. Gran Turismo Sport is designed to satisfy the thirst for fast driving, so this is a priority project for racing fans.

A philosophical and graceful guest from the PS2, the Shadow of the Colossus remake is an unforgettable adventure. But consider – very melancholic.

The soft restart of the God of War series, which changed the scene, surroundings and game mechanics, may seem (and most likely will seem) a slightly drawn out project, but not devoid of interesting ideas.

The sequel to the multiplatform Nioh, Nioh 2, will probably someday follow the example of the first part and migrate to other platforms, but for now this is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Bright, intense, but, as in many previous cases, difficult for a beginner!

The PS4 naturally has an internet browser. And yes - he's insanely uncomfortable

The PS4 naturally has an internet browser. And yes – he’s insanely uncomfortable

We did not talk about all PS4 exclusives, but we tried to select the most entertaining ones. From high-profile releases, one can also recall the arcade dilogy Knack (1 and 2), the fantastic first-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall, the bottomless constructor with platformer elements LittleBigPlanet 3, the adventure The Last Guardian, a feature film with rare action elements “Order of 1886”, the meditative adventure game Journey (however, no longer exclusive), and the insane offshoot of the Yakuza series – the action Judgment. You can see the full list of exclusives here.

⇡ #Not exclusives alone

Exclusives will run out someday and you will want something else. Fortunately, multiplatform projects come to the rescue. I’ll make a reservation right away – in my personal opinion, not every genre is adapted to consoles in general and PS4 in particular. For example, playing a strategy game with a gamepad is dangerous for the psyche, and in first-person shooters, accuracy and speed of aiming (and, consequently, the pleasure of the game) are lost. But for the most part, popular game genres feel right at home on the PS4.

For example, actions. Representatives of the genre are often perfectly adapted to control with the DualShock 4 and look good on a large TV screen. I can especially recommend: Dark Souls III, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The PS Store regularly hosts promotions where you can buy projects at a bargain price. And with PS Plus, exclusive deals are available

The PS Store regularly hosts promotions where you can buy projects at a bargain price. And with PS Plus, exclusive deals are available

Naturally, platformer, a genre originally designed to be controlled from a gamepad, feels and plays great on PS4 as well. And pay attention to: atmospheric Little Nightmares, stylish Cuphead, crazy Spelunky 2 or bright Guacamelee! 2.

And, of course, who will give up the good old virtual massacre in front of the TV, as in the days of “Sega” and Mortal Kombat 3. From a long list (where there are projects for fans of edged weapons, and fans of increased cruelty, and even famous anime series ) I want to note two: an unusually spectacular superhero fighting game Injustice 2, which perfectly implements the principle of the multiverse in practice, and Tekken 7 with a varied and interesting combat system.

While nothing on the track compares to the recoil of a peripheral steering wheel, the DualShock 4 still provides a decent driving experience – all the more fun company. For friendly races, you should pay attention to F1 2020 or Trackmania Turbo.

Fighting, as well as fighting for first place on the track with friends and family, does not always work out, and the relationship must be protected. And here real people come to the rescue in multiplayer sessions!

⇡ #Stay in the black

However, there is a nuance. You can only immerse yourself in a multiplayer game if you have a PS Plus subscription, which gives you access to multiplayer entertainment, special offers in the PS Store and, of course, two (and sometimes three) games per month, which you can permanently take to your library and play as much as you want ( while subscription is active).

Games are given out various. For example, in April of this year it was possible to play Uncharted 4 and the DiRT Rally 2.0 car simulator, the May proposals greatly disappointed the players (of course, Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are not at all what you expect while sitting on self-isolation), and June was remembered as many as two first-person shooters – Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II.

A significant giveaway happened in August – PS Plus owners received a novelty (and even a lightning hit!) – FallGuys: Ultimate Knockout. True, in the same month, a considerable disappointment happened – Russian players were cheated on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster, and instead they offered the game Mad Men (the replacement, as one might assume, is not equivalent). September was marked by the fighting game Street Fighter V and the famous battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. And this month, subscription owners can pick up Vampyr and Need for Speed: Payback. In short, the subscriber will always have something to play.

By the way, subscribers are also entitled to special bonuses in online games.

By the way, subscribers are also entitled to special bonuses in online games.

A PS Plus subscription per month will cost 529 rubles (the official price in the PS Store), and if you register it for a year (for 3299 rubles), then a month will cost 275 rubles, plus a good discount is often offered for a yearly subscription. And this is for two games per month, prices for which range from 500 to 5000 thousand rubles.

Но если одолевают сомнения, всегда можно их опровергнуть (или подтвердить), активировав пробный период подписки на четырнадцать дней. За пару недель онлайновых баталий в бесплатных сетевых играх в духе Fortnite, Destiny 2 или Call of Duty: Warzone, а также с двумя предоставленными подпиской играми станет понято — стоит оно того или нет.


Всё-таки PS4 — выдающаяся игровая платформа, и знакомство с ней сулит не одну сотню прекрасно проведённых часов в компании превосходных игр. Важно, что даже после выхода PlayStation 5 о PS4 никто не собирается забывать — в этот раз переход между поколениями обещает быть плавным и растянутым на несколько лет. Из ближайших «переходных» релизов, которые появятся и на PS4, и на PS5: Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6. И даже ожидаемые эксклюзивы PS5 заглянут на огонёк: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, а по слухам — ещё и ремейк Demon’s Souls. Словом, сейчас действительно отличное время для того, чтобы приобщиться к уходящему поколению.

Если Вы заметили ошибку — выделите ее мышью и нажмите CTRL+ENTER.

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