PlayStation 5 will be enough: Sony has denied rumors of a cut in console production

PlayStation 5 will be enough: Sony has denied rumors of a cut in console production

Sony has denied reports that it has cut production of the PlayStation 5 game console by four million copies, allegedly due to problems with the supply of a key component of the console. Earlier it was reported that until March next year, Sony will release not 15 million, as originally planned, but 11 million copies of the set-top box.

“Although we do not normally provide information regarding the manufacturing process, we declare that the information previously provided by Bloomberg is not true. We have not changed our plans for the production of PlayStation 5 since the beginning of mass production of consoles, – said the company in a conversation with the gaming publication

According to an earlier statement Bloomberg, the Japanese company has seriously reduced production of the PlayStation 5. Citing its sources, the publication first reported that Sony planned to deliver 10 million next-generation consoles by the end of December. Then on Tuesday, September 15, Bloomberg also reported that the company was facing production difficulties. They allegedly consist in a custom-made AMD processor with graphics of the RDNA 2 generation. The production of chips turned into a massive defect, which can reach 50%. Product yields are gradually improving, but so far Sony cannot count on meeting its original sales target, the source said.

Earlier, the media also wrote that Sony expected to release no more than 5-6 million PlayStation 5 consoles by the end of March next year, which is much less than the production volume of the PlayStation 4 console in the same period since its release. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made the company more optimistic to revise its forecast as the coronavirus fueled the growth of the gaming industry as a whole.

On September 16, Sony has scheduled the next presentation of the PlayStation 5. It is expected that this time the company will finally announce the price of consoles, as well as information about pre-orders and the actual date of the start of their sales. Recall that the PlayStation 5 was presented in two versions at once: with and without a floppy drive. It will be possible to watch the broadcast of the presentation on Twitch and YouTube this Wednesday at 23:00 GMT.

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