PlayStation president hasn't heard of complaints about PS5 storage capacity

PlayStation president hasn’t heard of complaints about PS5 storage capacity

The PlayStation 5 gaming system finally went on sale in Russia. It has a lot of advantages and good sides, but there is one thing that makes users unhappy – the size of the solid state drive. Of the 825 GB, only about 664 GB can be used. But according to Sony Interactive Entertainment, this is not a problem.

Considering the growing size of games (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, for example, takes up 133GB) and the constant firmware updates on the console, 664GB might not really be enough. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan is not worried about this. In an interview with The Telegraph, when asked about the size of the PlayStation 5 drive, he said that he did not know what it was about. “We haven’t heard about it”, – he said.

“Obviously, we’ll see what happens when people unpack their PlayStations and start using them. We think everything will be okay. “Ryan added. He also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment has data on how PlayStation 4 users are using hard drive space, and therefore “should be fine”

As a reminder, PlayStation 5 does not currently support memory expansion with third-party drives.

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