Pokémon GO developer will create a world map with augmented reality

Pokémon GO developer will create a world map with augmented reality

The American company Niantic, best known as the developer of the popular mobile game Pokémon GO, continues to invest heavily in the development of the augmented reality platform. The next step in this direction will be the creation of a constantly updated three-dimensional map of the world.

To do this, Niantic has acquired 6D.ai, a cloud-based augmented reality mapping software company. One of the first clients of the startup was Airbnb, which became interested in the technology with which one can obtain three-dimensional information about a place by holding a smartphone to a regular map. Since purchasing 6D.ai, Niantic has been integrating this technology into its platform, complementing it with its own developments along the way.

It is worth noting that Niantic not only developed the technology, but also invited users to try it out. The company encouraged Pokémon GO players to actively shoot specific landmarks, using the visual data thus collected in 3D maps. Ultimately, Niantic plans to form a full-fledged three-dimensional map of the world, which will be constantly updated.

Niantic’s AR technology development continues to receive funding from Pokémon GO. The Sensor Tower estimates that this will be the most successful year for the project. This year, the game has already brought in over $ 1 billion, which is significantly more than in 2019. The revenue will allow the company to continue buying augmented reality startups such as Escher Reality or Matrix Mill, which are already part of Niantic.

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