Archer Aviation

presented design and battery information

According to sources, the young company Archer showed a unique design of an electric airplane with vertical take-off and landing. Archer is distinguished from other newcomers to the nascent air taxi market by an experienced team of designers with more than one year of developing similar solutions in other companies.

Archer aviation

Air Taxi Archer is an airplane glider with six traction motors. Six other electric motors are responsible for vertical flight, which are not visible in the image (built into the wings). The declared horizontal flight speed will reach 240 km / h.

In detail, the developer spoke only about the separation of the 143-kWh unit of a lithium-ion battery by tasks. So, a part of the 26 kW · h unit operates for take-off, landing and hovering of the device, an 80 kW · h unit is responsible for horizontal (cruise) flight, and the 37-kW · h unit is emergency with a flight range of up to 96 km.

Add, the battery pack weighs about 30% of the weight of the glider. Four people will be able to board an air taxi.

Returning to the design team, we note that the backbone of the company is the former engineers from the Airbus Vahana project closed this year and Wisk Aero and Joby Aviation. Archer has opened an office near Palo Alto Airport in Silicon Valley. A demonstration model of an air taxi at a scale of 80% should fly into the sky no later than next year.

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