presented turn-based RPG Black Legend for PC and consoles of both generations

presented turn-based RPG Black Legend for PC and consoles of both generations

Developer Warcave has unveiled Black Legend, a dark turn-based RPG with free exploration of levels and action in an alternate 17th century. It will be released only in 2021 (the exact date is not called), but at once on all key platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (on Steam). An announcement trailer and some screenshots have been presented so far.

According to the plot, the player will have to lead a squad of mercenaries to the accursed city of Grant to help the rebels in battles against nightmarish cultists. We’ll have to dispel the fog that envelops the streets of the city and drives residents crazy. The architecture of the destroyed Grant is reminiscent of 17th century Scotland.

The main villain here is the terrifying alchemist Mephisto, who created a maddening fog, enveloping the whole city with it. You need to fight with the help of bodily alchemy, the essence of which is explained by the teaching of humoralism. By mastering the four instabilities and combining them with catalyst attacks, it will be possible to inflict serious damage on enemies.

The game will have 15 classes available for unlocking: characters of each class can learn unique abilities and use special equipment. Having selected the optimal combat combinations, it will be easier to free Grant. Thanks to the different modes, Black Legend will allow you to enjoy the passage and those who appreciate the plot more, and those who like difficult trials without the right to make mistakes.

On the game page on Steam, Russian localization is declared only through subtitles.

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