Prices for electronics in Russia will soar by 20% from April due to a shortage of components

Prices for electronics in Russia will soar by 20% from April due to a shortage of components

The consequences of the global shortage of semiconductor products and other components will become visible in the near future. The TASS news agency, citing statements from distributors, retailers and market experts, reports that from the second quarter of this year, the cost of electronics on store shelves will increase by 10-20%.

The executive director of the diHouse company, a member of the Lanit group, Andrey Tarasov, assumes that in the second quarter consumers will fully experience the rise in prices for electronics. This is due to the fact that just during this period, the goods purchased and delivered at new prices will arrive on the shelves. This information is confirmed by Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin, who notes a 10-20% increase in prices for smartphones from new shipments. He says that the rise in price is especially noticeable in the middle price segment.

Oleg Pchelnikov, purchasing director of Citylink, says that shortages and price increases will be observed in all categories of electronics in the next two quarters. According to him, manufacturers are already shipping 30-50% less goods than before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, high-tech goods, such as smartphones and computers, are affected by the shortage of components, and large household appliances are primarily affected by the rise in the cost of logistics and the lack of transport for transporting products to the points of sale.

A fairly clear picture of the situation allows us to form a forecast of the distributor Merlion, which expects a decrease in the TV market by 15-20% in units, but an increase in money by about 10-15%. Popular monitors with a diagonal of 22-24 inches have already risen in price by 10-20%, and future shipments will be even more expensive.

Retailers note that price increases will affect new models of smartphones and other high-tech equipment, while prices for products that are already on the shelves will remain at the same level. It is reported that the rise in prices was not due to mark-ups from retailers. The cost changes on the importer’s side.

According to Eldar Murtazin, 2021 will be a difficult year for the electronics market for a number of reasons, including a shortage of components, difficulty in deliveries and a decrease in the purchasing power of Russians. He states that prices will rise on absolutely everything, in part due to hyperinflation caused by the huge amount of unsupported currency in the market.

It is noted that in addition to the shortage of semiconductors, the market expects a serious increase in prices for other materials, such as copper wires and plastic, which will double in price. The cost of production will only grow, and this is already noticeable.

Recall that the crisis in the electronics market worsened at the end of last year. Due to quarantine measures designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many supply chains have been disrupted, which, in turn, has led to market imbalances and a shortage of materials and components necessary for the production of electronics. In addition, demand for chips has skyrocketed, as demand for computers has skyrocketed due to the massive shift to teleworking and distance learning. Murtazin states that the deficit is increasing every day. If at the end of last year, experts hoped that the problems would be resolved before April or March of this year, now they are wondering how much worse 2022 will be. 2021 promises to be disastrously bad for production and supply.

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