Print securely and in full control with Kyocera Net Manager

Print securely and in full control with Kyocera Net Manager

Maxim Belous

No matter how organized business is, it has never been profitable, but nowadays, lack of care in business is tantamount to virtually complete commercial failure. Competitors in any field
enough of them, and many of them do not mind living on other people’s trade secrets. Customers are free to choose from dozens, even hundreds, of similar offers online. In such a situation it is simple
do not do without reliable protection of your data and profound optimization of non-core costs.

The most logical first step on this path is the reorganization of office printing, which many businessmen, unfortunately, do not even think about. But keep away from the humble eyes
Confidential information, as well as material savings, is today quite realistic with minimal financial, time and labor costs – by increasing efficiency
printing and document management. Kyocera’s Kyocera Net Manager (KNM) software is ready to help.

Being a comprehensive integrated platform for optimizing control over printing costs and ensuring enterprise information security, this software acts as a
an intermediate node between digital document creation and storage devices, on the one hand, and printing, scanning, and copying hardware, on the other. The result is sent to
print jobs from any PC, smartphone, or other device connected to the LAN, are pre-processed according to predefined policies, and then
redirect to the optimal printer for this task.

The stage of automatic pre-processing provides, first and foremost, a dramatic increase in information security during the office workflow. With built-in function
Print & Follow documents are in the queue and are waiting for the moment when the employee authorized to get them will personally approach the specified printer or MFI to confirm their readiness
get a printout for him. Thus, virtually eliminating the entry of important papers (preconditions for a contract not yet concluded, for example) is not in the wrong hands, but
hence further leakage of confidential data to competitors.

In addition, clearly tying each page to a clearly defined employee’s account fine-tunes the staff, reducing the organization’s non-core costs
without any additional effort on the part of its management. Nobody dares to use the printed resource in an improper way in the conditions of complete deanonymization of the printing tasks. Moreover,
most often, business owners are truly amazed at the cost reduction after KNM implementation – in the absence of specialized controls it is extremely difficult to evaluate the entire scope
misuse of printing technique by unscrupulous employees.


And the fact is that, compared to the turnover of even a small company, a separate cartridge, not to mention a stack of paper, is not prohibitively expensive. Regular replenishment of consumables
materials are perceived by all departments – from the central office accounting department to the last remote branch – as an inevitability. No one particularly monitors the cost of printing,
and it is extremely difficult technically in the absence of special software. As a result, printers and MFPs are operated under heavy load and, unfortunately, are far from always targeted

KNM completely eliminates this problem by automatically monitoring the operation of printing devices and controlling the costs involved. Each job is sent to the printer
recorded in the statistics log on the server. KNM allows you to assign differentiated print policies to any employee and business unit: maximum permissible
the quality of the print, the permission / prohibition of color printing, the limit on the number of pages for a certain period, etc. And in parallel, such a problem as “junk” printing is eliminated. every task
is displayed on the paper only after the mentioned authorization of the employee ready to receive it directly on the printer or MFP: is there still no one more “forgets” ceased to be suddenly necessary
paper in the output trays. Any unused print jobs that are stored in KNM are automatically deleted after some time.

Another important aspect of the organization of office printing and workflow in general is often completely neglected by management: the low efficiency of handling incoming papers. on a routine
Operations such as scanning documents, manually indexing and markup, detecting frequent errors during text recognition are very time consuming. Now, thanks to KNM, it works
to effectively automate these processes and to achieve not only fast and accurate digitization of papers, but also to route the digitally translated documents on pre-specified routes, without
human involvement by forming operational and long-term thematic archives with the ability to search effectively for metadata.


Despite the breadth of the KNM’s functional palette, it does not require specially trained staff for its initial setup and regular operation. Administrators and ordinary users of the system
have a well-structured, intuitive interface that provides deep personalization to simplify and accelerate the most commonly performed
printer or MFP tasks. Yes, the integrated authentication tool gives employees access to perform certain tasks by entering a PIN, name / password, or application
VD-cards, if the unit is equipped with the appropriate module. Two-step authentication is also possible – for example, by combining a VD card and a PIN code, which significantly reduces
the likelihood of unauthorized access to print jobs, copying and scanning.

If the MFP is often used to digitize documents with the digital mail being forwarded to a designated folder, fax machine, or e-mail address, to an external
cloud repository or corporate document management system, optimizing these tasks will help the scanner to a function where the function is meant in advance
the destination specified. After that, digital copy delivery (including metadata) will be digitally pressed, which will greatly speed up routine inbound processing

A dedicated application for mobile document management is KYOCERA Mobile, which supports both cellphone and tablet printing and later scanning
digital copy to mobile device. Mobile printing, like any other within the KNM controlled office infrastructure, is fully reflected in a sophisticated reporting system.
It keeps detailed statistics of all printed, scanned and copied documents, keeps a record of printing costs with layout for each user separately and in queues, or

The ability to roam tasks using KNM will be required by large organizations that have large offices and / or have a well-developed affiliate structure. This allows you to choose automatically
closest to the user and best suited to the tasks created by the printer or MFP. Employees, who often need to scan documents, will come to the rescue
separately licensed KNM capability as an intelligent workflow: managing scanning with subsequent text recognition and subsequent automatic sending of digitized
documents to a predefined location (file server folder, cloud storage, mailing address, etc.) according to current metadata.

Another feature of KNM, essential for customers with a developed branch structure, is local print buffering. It allows you to do without print servers in each of the branches by using
only KNM offline login for user authentication and task management. The ability to synchronize users provides support for various authentication methods, including
integration with Azure Active Directory.

If the enterprise LAN needs unloading, KNM provides client spooling – a noticeable reduction in network traffic by spooling up the task on the client PC and releasing it to
any printer. At the same time, users have the ability to print jobs using the functions of offline login, local spooling and KNM Port Monitor
even in the absence of communication with the server, which significantly increases the print resiliency.

System administrators, IB staff, or managers have the ability to archive all printed, copied, and scanned documents using the task archiving feature.
However, for the sake of security, reporting details (job titles, user ID) can only contain the number of prints per department or cost center, providing
thus, anonymity and privacy of tasks.

Before submitting a task to KNM, the user must undergo an authentication procedure that allows them to confidently distinguish even employees working on the same computer. There will be no task
Sent if the selected user’s print limit is exhausted – in which case the user will receive a notification of the current print policies through integration with the KX driver. Unified
Kyocera interface provides KNM integration with other Kyocera software as well as third-party software. Users can view previews of digital imaging tasks in
print queues and individual confirmation of each job, as well as offline login – the printer will cache users’ credentials for seven days,
allows them to copy and print even if the connection to the server is unavailable.

In general, KNM web-based printers provide customers with a particularly convenient way of managing the digitization and output of documents at each level, thereby reducing costs
operation of printing technique and increasing the level of information security. All of this is available virtually out of the box – right after installing the latest Kyocera printing equipment.

In other words, optimization of non-core business expenses should not be delayed, but it just makes sense to start with the office printing infrastructure – for which KNM provides the widest range

print management

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