Psychological thriller Visage will be released on October 30 on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Psychological thriller Visage will be released on October 30 on PS4, Xbox One and PC

We started to raise funds for the development of the thriller Visage as part of a microinvestment program back in 2016, and in 2017 we saw a 20-minute piece in the spirit of P.T. Now the developers from the Quebec-based SadSquare Studio are ready to withdraw the project from Early Access: it will be released on October 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Early Access version, which is currently available on Steam, so far contains two chapters – a total of eight hours of gameplay. The full version will consist of four chapters, which will give about 15 hours of gameplay. Users who bought the game in Early Access will receive the full version as a free update (unfortunately, the previous saves will be deleted). Visage currently costs RUB 465 on Steam, but two days before launch, the price will increase.

Recall: Visage is a first-person psychological thriller in which you have to explore a mysterious, constantly changing mansion. Time passes slowly here, and incredibly cozy interiors are replaced by terrifying and monstrously realistic scenes.

In this huge house, terrible events once took place. The player will have to wander through gloomy corridors, exploring every abandoned room and getting lost in endless labyrinths, where frightening memories and ghosts of those who previously lived and died here are hidden. People killed relatives, went crazy, committed suicide and other terrible things. Each room has its own story, and the main character will have to relive episodes of the dark past. A strange distorted world is promised, where the only living thing is the player.

In Visage, the player is defenseless: there is no weapon that could save you from the creepy creatures that lurk around every corner, behind every door, or jump out from under your feet. To interact with the environment, you can collect key items – these things will either help you escape from the nightmare … or be pulled even deeper into it. In the process of passing, you need to keep the psyche of the protagonist as healthy as possible so as not to die. It won’t be easy, and one way to help with the task is to be in the light.

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