Raiffeisenbank conducted research on product design teams

Raiffeisenbank conducted research on product design teams

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 02/05/2021

Raiffeisenbank conducted research on product design teams

At the end of 2020, Raiffeisenbank conducted a survey of domestic specialists to find out their attitude to product design teams. The survey involved 1200 people (85% – designers of various
profile) from different cities: Moscow (56%), St. Petersburg (14.7%), Minsk (3.3%), Yekaterinburg (2.2%), Kiev (1.8%), Kazan (1, 5%), Novosibirsk
(1.4%), Krasnodar (1.1%), Nizhny Novgorod (1.1%), Samara (1.1%), Rostov-on-Don (1%), Voronezh (0.9%) and others (13.8%).

The results of the study showed how the professional community evaluates the performance of product design teams of technology companies and how much they attract specialists as
potential employer.

“There are enough strong product companies and teams in Russia that employ powerful designers and produce products of an international level. Such a rating will be useful to the market. Designers are better
understand where there are good challenges and a comfortable environment for professional growth. Companies and design teams need to see what needs to be done. This will be a useful tool for assessing investment in
An HR brand, ”explains Yuri Vetrov, head of brand management and digital customer interaction at Raiffeisenbank.

The study focused on different aspects of design teams’ performance, from direct product creation to corporate culture or contribution to professional development.
design communities.

Have you seen strong design products from these companies? We used them ourselves, read about them, heard recommendations from friends

What companies would you like to learn from as a designer? For example, there are strong designers inside or a systematic workflow is built

Where is a good design culture built, where do managers both understand and value design? The life of a designer in such a company is not a process of eternal struggle.

Which domestic companies work well with the professional community? It can be meetups and conferences, courses and educational programs, articles and others.

Which company offer would you accept? You were offered a job and given the opportunity to choose the product you want to work on



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