Raijintek introduced a universal air cooler for video cards Morpheus 8057

Raijintek introduced a universal air cooler for video cards Morpheus 8057

If new coolers for central processors appear on the market quite regularly, then new models of air cooling systems for graphic accelerators are now a rarity. But still, they sometimes appear: Raijintek introduced a monstrous air cooler for NVIDIA and AMD video cards called Morpheus 8057.

Unlike the majority of cooling systems available on the market for video cards that were created long ago, the manufacturer guarantees compatibility with a large number of video cards for the new Morpheus 8057, including the modern reference Radeon RX 5000 series and GeForce RTX 20 series. On universal mounting strips, mounting holes are located at a distance of 54, 64 and 70.5 mm, which allows you to use the new product with many modern video cards. Note that the predecessor – Raijintek Morpheus II Core – mounting holes are not suitable for GeForce RTX series 20 video cards.

The cooler itself is a massive heatsink composed of 129 aluminum plates through which 12 copper heat pipes pass. These tubes converge in a large nickel-plated copper base. The dimensions of the radiator are 254 × 100 × 44 mm. The kit also comes with several small copper and aluminum radiators that are installed on memory chips and power elements of the video card’s power subsystem. The former Raijintek Morpheus II Core is equipped only with aluminum additional radiators.

Morpheus 8057 cooling systems are supplied without complete fans – Raijintek leaves the choice of airflow to the user. On the radiator, you can install up to two 120-mm fans, both conventional and low-profile. Corresponding fasteners are included with the cooler.

According to the manufacturer, the Morpheus 8057 cooling system is able to remove up to 360 W of heat, which will be enough to cool any modern video card. The cost of the new cooling system has not yet been specified, but presumably it will be about $ 75. That is how much the old Raijintek Morpheus II Core costs.

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