Raskatchestvo told what threats are

Raskatchestvo told what threats are “waiting” at the ATM

Catherine Alexandrova

According to the CBR, more than 200 thousand ATMs are installed in Russia, which allow to carry out various operations with a bank card. Scammers use all sorts of theft methods using
ATM – from hidden cameras to scanners. The Center for Digital Expertise of Raskachat explained how to hedge against encroachments on their finances.

Ways to steal mass and some have repeatedly written various media. For example, installing card readers – skimmers that read payment information directly from the card when you
Insert it into the ATM slot, making it a duplicate and withdrawing money. There are also hidden video cameras (just a few millimeters in size) aimed at the ATM.
keyboard, or simply place overhead keyboards that remember the pin you type. There is also the concept of “shoulder surfing” – the offender stands behind your back and considers your
pin code.
There are a few measures that can help reduce your risk and avoid paranoia:

  • If possible, use ATMs inside the bank. They are better guarded, moreover, in the hall often works consultant, the presence of which scares fraudsters. Try not to use
    ATMs on the streets;
  • Be careful with ATMs located in separate areas, accessed from the street and using a special magnetic padlock at the entrance. To access the premises
    the bank will never ask you to enter a PIN code, a special keyboard for “entering a PIN code” is a device of fraudsters;
  • Check the ATM for the presence of skimmer devices (overlays on the card reader – the holes where the cards are inserted). Hijackers installed on top of the card reader,
    reads the card data that the victim inserts into the ATM. As a rule, it does not fit snugly against the ATM body, shakes, looks “unreliable” and differs in color. The skimmer can be attached
    to an ATM with adhesive tape or glue, which is also easy to detect;
  • Cover the keyboard with your hand when entering a pin code to minimize the risk of fraudulent use of camcorders;
  • If you find the devices of the attackers, do not remove them from the ATM yourself and do operations, go to a safe place, call the bank and report your suspicions.
    If you have already used an ATM and only then suspect that it is not good – also go to a safe place, lock your card and report what happened to the bank;
  • Do not insert the card into an ATM that says “Insert Card” on the screen. We remind you that scammers could activate the money transfer feature, and inserting a card with a pin code will start
    mechanism of translation. Insert the card only when a bank saver appears on the screen;
  • If you see that a customer has forgotten to remove a card from an ATM, do not remove it yourself – it is likely that this is a fraudulent scheme, which means that immediately
    the cardholder will appear with a “witness” and charge you with the theft of funds from his account. If you encounter such deception – call the police immediately.

Well, don’t forget about your favorite social engineering – often phone calls or messaging messages are allegedly from the bank’s security service or from a fake seller or buyer
they end with a request to go to an ATM in order to “improve security”, “change password”, “make a prepayment” or “receive a transfer”. However, instead, criminals through an ATM
remotely attach a bank card to their phone number and withdraw money.

It is also a good choice to connect an SMS with information about the transactions, so that you will immediately know about all write-offs. In addition, some banks allow restrictions
withdrawal of cash by cards with limits – be sure to use them by setting minimum values. Yes, if you do make the money, the amount will not be catastrophic.

bank card fraud, ATM

Katerina Alexandrova

Catherine Alexandrova

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