Released a bright animated trailer for the ancient Greek action movie Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft

Released a bright animated trailer for the ancient Greek action movie Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft

As promised, ahead of the launch of Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft has unveiled a colorful hand-drawn trailer for its new action-adventure movie set in ancient Greek mythology. To cheerful music, the demigoddess Phoenix fights the henchmen of the evil titan Typhon.

At the beginning of the video, the heroine fights with a minotaur, and she does not take up the strength: she defeats the monster not at all with the help of cold weapons, but with a throw in the air and a subsequent blow of her fist, splitting the nearest rock. Then comes the turn of the cyclops, chimera and other legendary living creatures, from which Phoenix clears the Golden Island, creating his own legend and using such items as the sword of Achilles, the bow of Odysseus or the wings of Daedalus.

Recall: an open-world action movie with a third-person view is made in a bright cartoon (and somewhat ironic) style and plays on various ancient Greek myths. The Phoenix demigod can be male or female, and the player is able to set the color of skin, hair, and so on. The new hero will have to save the Greek gods and their home from the curse of the powerful titan Typhon and his monsters, and at the same time find out the secret of his past.

In the course of the passage, you can enhance abilities, master new skills and techniques, unlock weapons and equipment. There are many puzzles and dungeons scattered around the world, where not only brute force, but also ingenuity will come in handy. The Golden Island will offer 7 unique regions in the spirit of different gods – from the magnificent landscapes of the plains of Aphrodite to the mechanical world of the forge of Hephaestus.

The story is told from the perspective of the titan Prometheus chained to the rock and the lord of the gods Zeus. The two storytellers have completely different views on what is happening, which can be an interesting highlight of the project. Immortals Fenyx Rising will launch on Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store) on December 3, 2020.

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