Remake of Demon's Souls submitted to the owner of the controller for dancing

Remake of Demon’s Souls submitted to the owner of the controller for dancing

A Brazilian streamer under the pseudonym Luality has published a video on her YouTube channel with a cut of the best moments from her walkthrough of the Demon’s Souls remake using a dance mat.

In a way not intended by the developers from Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan Studio, the girl overcame the resistance of all bosses in the updated Demon’s Souls and reached the ending.

It is worth noting that Luality did not try to make life easier for herself, and therefore did not use magic – one of the most effective and, at the same time, not demanding methods for the player to destroy enemies.

Instead, the streamer relied on melee weapons (swords of varying severity), a shield with a bonus to health regeneration, and timely evasion from enemy strikes.

Notably, the Demon’s Souls remake was not the first game Luality overcome with a dance controller. In the middle of this year, the girl went through Dark Souls 3 in a similar way, along with the addition of The Ringed City.

However, the dance rug is not the only strange controller for playing Demon’s Souls: previously, the blogger Super Louis 64 adapted the remake to playing bongo drums.

The updated Demon’s Souls was released on November 12 exclusively on PS5. Recently Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the secret of strange metal sounds in the game, but the solution turned out to be extremely trivial.

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