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Renewables met 97% of Scotland’s electricity needs in 2020

Back in 2011, Scotland set itself an important goal related to green energy: it wanted to achieve 100% of the needs of its electricity grid in 2020 to generate electricity from renewable sources. Although the country failed to meet this goal, last year the figure was an impressive 97.4%.

Alan Majchrowicz | Getty Images

Alan Majchrowicz | Getty Images

Scottish Renewables, the trade organization for the Scottish renewable energy industry, reported (PDF) that the industry grew 8 percent over 2019. The organization’s chief executive, Claire Mack, added that the industry has produced enough energy to power more than 7 million households. Wind power remains the country’s main renewable energy source, although hydropower has seen the largest growth last year.

The Scottish authorities hope that by 2030 renewables will be able to meet 50% of the country’s needs, not only for electricity, but also for heating and transportation. However, to achieve this goal, a lot of work remains to be done.

Mrs Mack said: “Domestic and commercial transport accounts for almost 25% of the energy used in Scotland, and heating accounts for more than half of the needs and more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions.”… Currently, renewable energy sources provide only 6.5% of heating needs. “The technology needed to replace gas in our homes already exists, but rolling it out across the country is a huge challenge.– she added. – Industry and government must continue to work together to address existing challenges if we are to reach our full potential, to reach zero by 2045. ”

Holly O’Donnell, WWF Scotland’s Climate and Energy Policy Manager, is calling for accelerated adoption of electric vehicles and increased grants for renewable heating. This could help Scotland to become more active in its transition to renewable energy sources for heating and transport, as well as reduce emissions from these sources.

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