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Repair of Sea Launch will require at least a billion rubles

Russian experts, according to RIA Novosti, have estimated the costs of restoring the Sea Launch floating cosmodrome for subsequent operation. The repair of the unique complex will require at least 1 billion rubles.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

Recall that Sea Launch includes the Sea Launch Commander assembly and command ship and the Odyssey launch platform. In the spring of this year, they were delivered from the United States to Russia: now the platform is located at the Slavyansky shipyard in Primorye.

It was rumored that the floating spaceport was in a deplorable state after the Americans removed the equipment from it. However, the Russian Military-Industrial Commission (MIC) denied this information, calling the damage insignificant. And yet, the platform requires serious investments to restore performance.

There were many rumors through the media that the ship and platform were in a deplorable state, that the Americans had dismantled everything they could. We went to Slavyanka and appreciated it. Shipbuilders went with us. In their opinion, the complex needs regular repairs in the amount of 1-1.5 billion rubles. After that, they can continue to work.“, – said a member of the military-industrial complex board Alexander Ivanov, who oversees the rocket and space industry.

Nothing was reported about the timing of the start of the repair work. In any case, launches from the floating cosmodrome will resume no earlier than 2023–2024.

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