Results from friends

Results from friends

Gregory Rudnitsky

Under the curtain of the year it is decided to summarize. We all remember and try to analyze what changes occurred in 2019 in the economic, IT, industry, and
the companies we work for as well as in our professional careers. Today it is necessary to live and work in completely new realities – in the conditions of digital business transformation, approaches to
which everyone has. But in every company that goes down this difficult but very interesting path, IT professionals have to change and, first of all, in the mental aspect. We decided
to refer to old friends of our magazine, has repeatedly appeared on its pages as authors and heroes of publications. How did they spend the year? What professional discoveries and judgments
are they ready to share with readers today?

New experience

Volodymyr Lebedynskyi, Director of Information Technology at Rosengineering, spoke about the major organizational changes in his unit. «For this year we have fixed the service model of services in
contracts that have concluded contracts with all serviced legal entities; worked on billing and learned how to consider services better, to prepare more accurate declarations about the actual consumption of services by our
customers. We have consolidated a new service – “Customer Network Infrastructure Maintenance” and entered into contracts that partially offset our network support costs.
companies. Under the brand, GIS technology services were provided to third-party companies, demonstrating that competencies acquired in the group’s internal projects are also in demand
open market, ”he says. All this allowed both the customer and the contractor to reach a new level of maturity of IT services. In addition, the company has received a unique transformation experience
IT department into a separate legal entity, and now you are ready to share this experience with your colleagues.

Vladimir Lebedinsky (Engineering)
Vladimir Lebedinsky (Engineering)

I see the continued desire of operators to become integrators and, as a result, an increase in the number of services that operators are prepared to provide on their own or on the basis of their network and technology. I am watching with interest the operators looking for startups and integrating them into their service package

For Alexei Zatoplyayev, President of the Kaliningrad Region IT Director’s Club and Baucenter Rus CIO, one of the highlights of the year was meeting with the world-renowned
IT consultant Terry White. “Despite its fleeting nature, I was able to get some practical advice from him about prioritizing IT projects in the company’s overall portfolio. And not easy
to get, and to try to apply this technique in practice », – Alexey tells.

Financial organizations operate under conditions of serious government regulation. According to Alexander Lednev, CFO of Dobrobut NPF, in 2019 a great job
was conducted in the framework of stress tests according to the methodology of the Bank of Russia. It involved working with an investment portfolio, working out different scenarios of stress tests to confirm
financial stability of the fund. In addition, in the past year, the regulator conducted a routine check in NPF “Dobrobut”, during which great attention was paid to information issues.
security and protection of clients’ personal data. “The Foundation passed it with dignity without receiving the results of the verification of any serious prescriptions,” – sums up Alexander.

Digital transformation in diversity

With less enthusiasm, our interlocutors spoke about the projects implemented in the field of digital business transformation, which they worked on in the past year. The level of maturity in each
Accordingly, each company starts its own business from its own position. According to Alexander Lednev (NPF “Dobrobut”), one of the important decisions was the further development of IT infrastructure.
based on microservices in order to accelerate the process of refining and adapting software complexes to business requirements. In addition, with the connection of the fund to SMV there was an opportunity to automate
determining the status of a pensioner. According to our interlocutor, now the fund independently checks the validity of the passport in SMV, simplifying the procedure for its clients who receive a pension, the procedure
continuation of payment for the next calendar year.

Alexander Lednev (NPF
Oleksandr Lednev (Dobrobut NPF)

Company IT executives are full of innovative ideas that can help businesses become more competitive. In order for a bright idea to be implemented, the CIO needs to find strong arguments and use the full set of soft skills to justify the implementation of a solution. Including to be able to justify the necessity of introduction of financial return on investments

“Over the last couple of years, our main company has been very ‘digitizing’,” said Andrei Balyakin, Director of Information Technology at Melston. – Most back-office processes are automated,
built-in system that manages many business processes of the production unit of the company (customer service), a well-established model of predictive maintenance of customer equipment based on
received data. Not only technological but also commercial equipment is equipped with “smart” sensors and controllers. ” The changes that digital transformation into medicine brings, he says
Alexey Maksimachev, Director of Digital Transformation of the Medical Center of the XXI Century. “People working in medicine are conservative enough not to be in the forefront
inclined to transform companies. And we are no exception. Changing information systems is not the most difficult task. It is much more difficult to rebuild employees. And if the company treats them
carefully and carefully, the transformation process will not turn out to be quick. However, our leadership wants change and not only promotes them in every possible way, but also takes a direct part in
changes in processes, in the creation of tools, in the transition to numbers, ”he comments. According to Alexei, digital transformation can be divided into two directions: digitalization inside
business (be digital) and company-to-customer (do digital) digital product. “As for be digital, we have seriously changed some processes within the company. These changes are grounded
for our great work in integrating both information systems and information stored in these information systems. The introduction of a tire and a service model allowed for the provision
our employees need information from various online systems in a single interface. This year the mobile app development and implementation was carried out, which allowed
translate traditional medical paper documents into electronic form, leaving them where they cannot be legally abandoned. It is important that this information is earlier
appeared in a company with a delay of up to a month, now appears in information systems online, which provides for its processing and immediate use in various related processes, –
he says. – The process of Do digital is slightly slower, but there is also progress. For example, we now provide the results of the analyzes and recommendations from the advisory conclusions
patients in electronic form again immediately after the end of admission and the readiness of the results of laboratory diagnostics. ”

Yuriy Shojdin, Deputy General Director for Eurosib-TS project work, does not understand the meaning of the term “digital transformation”, but, according to him, the company is being implemented
projects using blockchain and machine learning technologies. One example is a project to create a digital duplicate of a container terminal to simulate optimal conditions

Yuri Shojdin (Eurosib-TC)
Yuri Shojdin (Eurosib-TS)

Hip on II and blockchain has passed, now many implement interesting projects on these technologies

technology has taken off

When it comes to new technologies, virtually every one of them goes through several stages – research and development, prototyping, marketing, customer interest,
first projects and finally recognition and active use by the majority of market participants. According to Andrei Balyakin (Melston), in 2019 the market recognized the technologies of industrial “Internet”
things “that allow you to monitor the condition of your equipment and prevent future problems, crashes and breakdowns. At the same time, solutions in the field of geopositioning have not become popular
employees who can help locate mobile professionals working in the field or on the customer side. “I would call last year a year in my banking industry
preparation for biometric data collection at all regional offices. In this case it is not about the “shot” of technologies, but the “firing” decrees of regulators, – says Alexander
Kvasov, President of the Nizhny Novgorod Club of CIOs. – Regional banks were especially tight. The requirement to collect biometrics poured into banks a penny. Security issues were also acute
requirements of information security regulators. This has largely affected the industrial and especially the military-industrial sector. Here, as they say, not to the hype. ” Alexander
Lednev (NPF “Dobrobut”) pointed out several technological directions for which he was passing, became significant and even possibly decisive. These include the integration of information systems
state and business (one of the prime examples is tax monitoring), import substitution of software (Russian postal systems and EDS), implementation of blockchain for life control
cycle of equipment and units in RAO “RZhD”, widespread introduction of legally significant electronic document flow with counterparties, as well as closer integration of software from different manufacturers with
using the API. Several skeptical Alexey Zatoplyayev (Club of IT Directors of Kaliningrad region). “I do not see, or I have just failed to encounter such technologies that
can be called breakthroughs that could not only be touched or even put into action, but also receive significant financial benefits from their use. Now we think about robotics, in
first of all at our distribution centers. It is mobilization in the sense of giving the most expeditious information to the “fingertips”. It is the use of AI in the part that will help
anticipate our customer’s behavior and needs, ”he explains.

Alexander Kvasov (Nizhny Novgorod Club of CIOs)
Alexander Kvasov (Nizhny Novgorod Club of CIOs)

This year we have managed to assemble a real team of like-minded people, ready for new achievements. The level of understanding and adherence to IT requirements by information security specialists has also increased

Business interests are first and foremost

Today, IT is generating many innovative changes that affect business. These changes create new opportunities, allow for new approaches, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
But is the business ready for this pace? Does he have time for IT? “I believe that business should not keep up with them,” said Alexander Kvasov (Nizhny Novgorod Club of CIOs). – Big business
organizations are a complex mechanism that cannot be changed for all IT innovations. The role of CIO, or, if you like, CIO, is to sift out everything
it is unnecessary to forecast trends and apply in your company only what will be useful to her, not chasing after high tech and risky innovations. This will greatly help the business. In small companies you can
betting on quick changes is their advantage. ” Oleksandr Balyakin (Melston) acknowledges that the volume of digital transformation projects that have been initiated recently
business, it became literally an avalanche to cover the crowds. “Therefore, our main task is not to sink into change and not go into automation to achieve false goals. interests
business is primary, and the automation of inefficient processes will cause serious problems. I hope we are doing everything right, time will tell, ”he sums up. “We live in a digital age
transformation. Today, not business, but the environment dictates the need for change. And if business executives understand this, then digital transformation is possible. Informational
technology is a component of business and should not be opposed to it. However, IT brings innovative tools to the business. In order to provide a new tool at the right time,
you need to be one step ahead, predict what the company or customers will need next, and create such a tool. And this tool should be not only simple and convenient, but
and information-related to the information systems already existing in the company, ”said Aleksey Maksimachev (“ XXI Century Medical Center ”). “In our company everything is the opposite: business
generates innovative ideas, and IT tries to implement them, – shares Yuri Shojdin (Eurosib-TC). – Why does he try? Well, because we have everything as usual: there are no developers, there is not enough money,
then technology is suffering. ”

Andrey Balyakin (Melston GC)
Andrey Balyakinu (Melston GC)

Even large companies today are ready to consider cloud services for “fast wins” that allow for expensive and long-term deployments to receive modern and efficient IT services

The world will be gone

The Russian IT market, as our interlocutors unanimously argue, has long overcome the effects of the crisis and is developing at a rather rapid pace, although the main customer has been and remains
the public sector. According to Alexander Kvasov (Nizhny Novgorod Club of CIOs), cloud services have traditionally been the drivers of growth, to which custom development services have joined
Software within the same import substitution and digital transformation, as well as IT consulting services. “Last year I did not name a specific event, but it is clear to everyone that technologies are evolving
in seven steps. The technologies of recognition and processing of big data, robotization and artificial intelligence have considerably advanced. The digital world will never be quiet again
calm. However, no matter how spoiled the user or the client for which all this is done, there is always something to strive for, ”he concludes.

Alexei Zatoplyayev (Kaliningrad Region IT Director's Club)
Alexei Zatoplyayev (Club of CIOs of Kaliningrad region)

The full digitization of our company is still very far, but let small, but new and already in demand opportunities, first of all affect the speed and convenience of communications of customers with our company, we have this year implemented

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