RESULTS OF OPERATIONS (16.01 - 15.02.2021)

RESULTS OF OPERATIONS (16.01 – 15.02.2021)


Gennady Belash | 03/01/2021

RESULTS OF OPERATIONS (16.01 - 15.02.2021)

ASCON in 2020: 20% growth, 2 billion rubles of revenue

and 730 new customers. Today, more than 13 thousand enterprises of various industries work with the company’s solutions. ASCON is the only engineering software developer recognized as a backbone
organization of the Russian economy in the field of IT.

Lenovo Group in IV calendar quarter

achieved revenues of $ 17.2 billion, up 22% year on year. Income before tax increased by 52% yoy (to $ 591 million), net income by 53% (to $ 395 million), and basic profit by
the share left 3.31 cents.

Rostec Center for Additive Technologies put into operation

24 units of new equipment for manufacturing aircraft engine parts using industrial 3D printing, which will increase production by 261% in 2021. In particular, the settings
SLM printing with metal powders, based on the technology of complete melting of particles and subsequent creation of monolithic parts, reduces the risk of microcracking caused by porosity
structures, and increase the strength of the product compared to traditional casting processes. And obtaining the status of a full-cycle service company will allow organizing serial production
products for domestic aircraft engines, including PD-14.

SAP SE presented preliminary results of the year,

ended December 31, 2020. So in the IV quarter, revenue from cloud services increased by 8% under IFRS and by 13% not under IFRS in constant currency, but from software licenses, on the contrary, decreased by 15% in
IFRS and 11% non-IFRS. In turn, revenue from cloud services and software lost 4% under IFRS and grew by 1% under IFRS, while operating profit added 26% under IFRS and 3% not under IFRS. Operating
the margin increased by 9.1 p.p. according to IFRS and by 1.5 p.p. not under IFRS in constant currency.
Thus, the expected operating cash flow for the year will be about 7.0 billion, which is approximately double last year. The projected free cash flow will be
near 5.9 billion. The main focus of 2021 is accelerating the transition to the cloud.

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