Retail (12/16/2019 – 01/15/2020)

Gennady Belash

Retail (12/16/2019 - 01/15/2020)

Yulmart goes bankrupt again

The retailer’s operating company has filed for bankruptcy. Financial problems were already shining in 2017, when the transition from NAO “Yulmart” to “Yulmarket” LLC was made. With
thus, the retailer closed all regional offices, leaving only the partner issuing points and the center on Pulkovo highway.

In January 2020, Wildberries started operating in the EU

Poland was the first country to start sales. Buyers can order goods on the site For the convenience of customers
The site works both in Polish and in English. At the moment there are over 13.5 thousand brands to order on this site. Buyers can buy women’s, men’s and children’s
clothes, shoes, accessories, toys. In the future, the range will be expanded: the company will offer customers even more different products from Russia and other countries.

Binder announced the launch of the action,

under which every Russian citizen can pay court debts without any commission at any retailer shop until December 31st. Court payable for traffic fines are available for payment,
child support, legal arrears for individuals and for entrepreneurs. For payment it is enough to come to the shop “Zvyazkovy”, depending on the debt to call at the cash desk of the UPP, STS number, IDN
or SNILS, after which the store employee will check the customer’s debt. Debts can also be paid at Terminals in the Binder under the section “Litigation Debts”.

Online retailer Wildberries reports an increase in orders in December

In December 2019, customers placed 750,000 orders per day at Wildberries, which is almost 3.5 times more than the 2018 average. Number of goods shipped from distribution centers
The company has increased three times – up to 1.8 million units.

“According to company statistics, 80% of orders are delivered within a day, 99% – free of charge,” – told the Wildberries press service.

According to the company, the most popular purchases in December were clothing, shoes, accessories, baby goods, beauty products, electronics, appliances and books.

In the first three weeks of December 2019, railroads (+ 149%), constructors (+ 145%), work (+ 130%), soft toys compared to November were the leaders in the category of gifts for children.
(+ 120%), dolls (+ 118%) and dollhouses (+ 108%). In addition, there is growing interest in technological toys: radio-controlled cars and interactive toys (+ 174%), electronic tablets for
drawing (+ 148%).

Roselectronics Holding has created a comprehensive Smart Store solution,

based on RFID technologies. It allows you to automatically register the goods that the buyer takes from the shelf and puts in the cart. This way, the store visitor does not have to “punch in”
goods at checkout – the check will be formed automatically and it will remain only to pay. Radio frequency labels are affixed to goods, and store shelves and trolleys are equipped with antennas and RFID readers.
Thus, the information base of the store immediately receives information about the amount of goods sold and the balance, and the buyer, scanning purchases with the help of the reader on a “smart” cart,
saves time when paid at the self-checkout counter.

Wildberries reports a twofold increase in the number of self-collection points in 2019

Since the beginning of the year, Wildberries has opened more than 3400 new branded outlets, of which more than 3100 have opened their doors in Russia, 140 – in Belarus, 100 – in Kazakhstan, 28 – in Armenia and 9 – in
Kyrgyzstan. In 2019, self-hauling points appeared in 1,248 settlements, in 722 of which the company opened its LFA for the first time. Thus, at the end of the year, a network of Wildberries issue points
totaled over 6,100 points.

Tape has translated mobile applications for data collection terminals

for the Russian product “Forsyth. Mobile platform. ” Today, 4,700 terminals operate on the new platform.

At the stage of choosing the platform “Ribbon” has identified a number of requirements for the new product: it is support for current OS versions, the need for minimal changes in backend systems, ensuring high
indicators of stability and speed of applications. As a result, the company selected the Russian product “Forsyth. Mobile platform. ” It integrates with many source systems,
Provides services for development and automated assembly of mobile applications for all common mobile OS, ensures optimal data handling (online / offline).

X5 Retail Group was granted a patent for the invention

automatic system of analysis of delays on cash registers. The solution was developed by the IT X5 team to accelerate operations, reduce queues and save hundreds of millions of rubles on
optimization of IT processes in X5 network stores.

The automated system consists of a program and three components: information sources (cash registers and POS terminals), integration server and analytics server. The program collects data from cash desks
and POS point of sale terminals, transmits and processes them on servers, determines the sequence, logic and connection between technical and manual operations, and then independently makes
conclusions on improving processes and causes of delays in cash registers. The analysis is performed in real time and allows you to find out in advance and prevent 98% of problems and crashes.

The authors of the system are seven developers of the company, the patent holder was X5. The solution has been phased in and refined since 2018, and today operates in all 15,752 stores
X5 networks.

“TAPE” has combined technologies for retail in one hypermarket

on the bypass channel. The shop has touch screens with two large screens – for the buyer and the cashier, cash reception modules in the cafe, multimedia price checker, solutions for


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