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Retrofitting of Micron plant for sale will cost a pretty penny

Having announced its intentions to sell the enterprise in Utah for the production of 3D XPoint memory, Micron Technology itself announced that there was no point in repurposing it for its own needs. Buyers of this plant will also have to fork out for its refurbishment, and here government subsidies would come in handy.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

President Joseph Biden is expected to approve $ 37 billion to develop and support the manufacturing and development of semiconductor components in the United States. Buyers of Micron’s Utah facility could qualify for some of the funds, J.P. Morgan from the pages of The Wall Street Journal. Potential buyers include Analog Devices, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics and Infineon.

UBS added that the change of ownership will not help Micron to quickly get involved in solving the problem of semiconductor component shortages. Obviously, it will no longer be possible to produce 3D XPoint memory at this enterprise, and it will also not be possible to use the existing equipment for other purposes. The re-equipment of the enterprise will take not only time, but also decent amounts of money. The replacement of equipment alone will require at least $ 3 billion. This example shows that maintaining “technological sovereignty” remains an expensive pleasure.

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