return of Crew Dragon, hacker attacks on Garmin, Canon and Intel servers, announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note20 and new Google Pixel 4a / Analytics

return of Crew Dragon, hacker attacks on Garmin, Canon and Intel servers, announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note20 and new Google Pixel 4a / Analytics

⇡ # Return of Crew Dragon

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, whose mission we regularly wrote about, successfully returned to Earth – this happened on August 2 at 21:48 Moscow time. All stages of the DM-2 (Demo Mission-2) mission program were successfully completed: launch with a crew on board, launch into orbit using the Falcon-9 launch vehicle, autonomous orbital maneuvering with tests of onboard systems, docking with the International Space Station (ISS) , two-month work as part of the orbital complex, separation from the station, discharge of the cargo compartment, deorbit, controlled descent in the atmosphere, parachuting, soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico and evacuation with the help of a rescue vessel. Well, in order not to repeat myself at all, I recommend reading the article Return of the Dragon: Kung Fu by Elon Musk, which discusses in great detail the technical features of the return of spaceships to Earth.

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley feel great, although they admit that during landing, the ship made very strange sounds, as if they were made by an animal, not a machine. However, they noted the same thing during the flight into space: “all the way to orbit, the ship puffed and snorted, we can say that we really rode a dragon.”

In the near future, NASA will be analyzing the data collected during this mission. And if no problems are identified in the process, then the SpaceX Crew Dragon will be certified for regular flights to the ISS and back. The nearest such flight is scheduled for the end of September this year.

⇡ # A series of hacker attacks: Garmin, Intel and Canon

In July, Garmin became the victim of a hacker attack, when the company’s services did not work for several days. The problem was not resolved, and Garmin executives were forced to pay ransom to hackers … It was reported that the Evil Corp group was involved in this attack, which used the WastedLocker malware and demanded a ransom in the amount of $ 10 million. A separate piquancy of this story is added by the fact that Evil Corp has Russian roots and is under US sanctions, so in order to pay the ransom Garmin had to use the services of an intermediary company Arete IR.

But this, apparently, is only the beginning. This week there were reports of hacker attacks on Intel and Canon … Someone stole approximately 20GB of confidential information from Intel, including Intel Management Engine data, a consumer electronics firmware development kit, technical data for Kaby Lake and Rocket Lake S processors, as well as schematics, documents, tools, etc. Software for the Tiger Lake platform; binaries for the Intel camera drivers that were produced for SpaceX; and more. Moreover, the source claims that this is only part of what fell into his hands, and a little later he will publish another archive. Intel itself has confirmed the fact of the data breach, however, the official comment of the company says that this incident is incorrectly classified as a hack. Intel’s internal information, the data was obtained from the Intel Resource and Design Center, which contains information for use by customers, partners and other external parties. This means that someone from the people who have access to information has shared it with the public.

Canon did not work more than two dozen sites after hacker attack , as well as mail services, internal corporate platforms and many other applications. In addition, the cybercriminals ended up with 10 TB of data, including personal information about the company’s employees and customers. It was logical to assume that the aforementioned Evil Corp was behind this, but it turned out that the attack was carried out by another group, Maze. BleepingComputer reporters managed to get a screenshot of a message from hackers to Canon, in which they indicate that they have gained access to “10TB of data, private databases and other information.” True, no confirmation of these words was provided. All stolen data and its backups are encrypted and Canon has to pay to get the decryptor. Hackers undertake to accept payment through their own platform on the darknet and delete all data from their carriers. Otherwise, they will be published in the public domain. Canon itself has not yet commented on the situation.

⇡ # Samsung flagship announcement

Perhaps the most anticipated event of the week, apart from the landing of the Crew Dragon crew, was the Samsung presentation, at which the manufacturer presented two versions of the new Galaxy Note at once – Note20 and Note20 Ultra … The announcement is certainly very impressive, but some users were left at a loss – how a smartphone for $ 1000 (and for us – 79,990 rubles) can have a plastic case? However, we ourselves will soon find out how bad it is, and whether it is bad at all. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with first impressions of the Galaxy Note20 shared by Alexander Babulin

Well, along with the mentioned smartphones, the Korean company showed a new version of the foldable flagship – Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Headphones with noise cancellation and many built-in sensors. They will compete, as you might guess, with Apple Airpods Pro, so the price will be appropriate – 13,990 rubles in Russia.

⇡ # Updated iMac from Apple and Pixel 4a from Google

Apple quietly and quietly introduced the updated iMac with a diagonal of 21.5 and 27 inches. Outwardly, they have not changed in any way, all innovations are concentrated inside. So, for example, the base equipment of a larger computer now includes a six-core Intel Core i5 processor with a frequency of 3.1 GHz, and the most sophisticated one – an eight-core Core i7 with a frequency of 3.8 GHz. But the most unexpected innovation was the update of the built-in webcam – its resolution has increased from HD to Full HD. All more details on these new additions, as well as the improved iMac Pro, are available here

Google was supposed to show the new budget Pixel at I / O 2020, but the event was understandably canceled. In the end, the Pixel 4a made its debut on the internet and no one seems to be upset about it. Google positions it as the best single camera device on the market. The main module with a 12-megapixel sensor supports all the same functions as the dual camera of the flagship Pixel 4, such as portrait and night modes. Plus clean and immaculate Android 10 with the longest and fastest updates. And all this for exactly $ 349. Not bad, right? Other details about this smartphone already published in our news

⇡ # What’s new in reviews on 3DNews

Besides the already mentioned Samsung Galaxy Note20 previews and analysis of the features of landing modules with astronauts , we got some more interesting materials. First of all it is a brief overview of the best smartphones with a price of up to 10 thousand rubles and the latest release of the legendary ruble “ Computer of the month “.

Then there was Review gaming laptop ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 , review of a gaming smartphone from the same manufacturer and Review of G27QC gaming monitor from Gigabyte … In addition, we managed to test the Chieftronic GPU-750FC power supply and Dell PowerEdge T40 server … And in the game section, a review of horror adventure Maid of Sker and present study on paratroopers in video games to the Day of the Airborne Forces, held on August 2

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