Review IT-Weekly (06.22 - 06.28.2020)

Review IT-Weekly (06.22 – 06.28.2020)

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Gennady Belash | 06/28/2020

Review IT-Weekly (06.22 - 06.28.2020)


MERLION: andgrove smartphones nubia red magic 5g

In Russia, sales of the new nubia Red Magic 5G gaming smartphones announced in March 2020 began. The exclusive distributor of this line is MERLION.


Panasonic invests $ 75 million in 5G equipment

Panasonic intends to increase production of materials used in the production of equipment for 5G wireless networks. Anticipating the surge in demand for such solutions in China, Japan Corporation
intends to invest about 8 billion yen ($ 75 million) in the expansion of its factory in Guangzhou. The first lines should begin work in the fall of 2021, while the productivity of the enterprise will grow by 50%.

According to the Fuji Chimera Research Institute, in 2019, China accounted for about 40% of global investment in base station development. And although during the trade conflict
US and China Washington tightens ban on the supply of semiconductors and other high-tech products to Huawei, Panasonic does not expect a serious impact on its business to produce
printed circuit boards.

Baikal Electronics became the first processor manufacturer in Russia to be included in the main Linux kernel branch.

Integration into a world-class information project is Baikal’s recognition by the global IT community and a convenience for those who use or plan to use SoC-based solutions
BE-T1000 (Baikal-T). Linux version 5.8-rc1 is recognized as the release with the largest number of changes in history – it includes 1,026,178 lines of new code.

AMD and CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Researchannounced a new study in which CERN used second-generation AMD EPYC processors to collect
data from the detectors of the Large Andron Collider, where data on particle collisions are collected in the amount of 40 Tb / s. In particular, as part of the LHCb experiment, scientists plan to find out what happened.
immediately after the Big Bang, allowing matter to survive and create the Universe in the form in which it is now known.

For the LHCb experiment, I / O and memory performance with AMD EPYC processors were obtained. A large number of AMD EPYC CPU cores enabled fast data processing, while 128 PCI lines
Express 4.0 has become an advantage. The LHCb used four Mellanox 200Gbit InfiniBand adapters per server, and AMD EPYC 7742 processors c 64 cores allowed Mellanox devices in each server to work without delay. “With AMD EPYC CPUs, we now have the opportunity to support
level more than a terabyte of data per second for days. Achieving this with one server, and not using a supercomputer, as we did before, is a serious advance, ”says Nico
Neufeld Niko Neufeld, Project Manager, LHCb Online Computing at CERN.

Microsoft Teams gives you access to a preliminary version of new features for personal communication

The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform is expanding.

New features of Microsoft Teams allow you to stay in touch with friends and relatives using messages and video calls, chat, create groups for comfortable interaction. In app
The ability to share GIFs, photos, videos, documents and location is also integrated.

Company Electroneck announced its partnership with

Within its framework, ElectroNeek industrial robotics solutions are made available to participants in the Microsoft global cloud ecosystem on the AppSource and Azure Marketplace platforms. This will help ElectroNeek expand its
Presence in international markets. The goal of the collaboration is to help more companies around the world efficiently robotize business processes with the Azure cloud infrastructure.

ASUS announced a partnership with Light Illusion,

specializing in professional color grading technologies for cinema and broadcasting. Thanks to the agreement, ASUS ProArt series will be integrated into the monitors
ColourSpace CMS color rendering calibration system, which is compatible with most popular hardware calibrators and allows you to correctly assess the accuracy of color reproduction in SDR modes
and HDR for professional calibration.

New products

Kingston Technology begins shipping 7.68 TB DC1000M SSDs for data centers …

Borlas Group launches a service for monitoring compliance with restrictive measures

on non-proliferation of COVID-19 under the name “MS-19.”

The service is intended for a wide range of customers, but primarily for medical institutions, manufacturing enterprises and social infrastructure facilities. Using MS-19 is easy
control compliance with social distance and the obligatory wearing of masks in crowded places.

The CCTV camera monitors its control zone around the clock and transfers data to the server; neuroanalysis measures the distance between people and determines whether they have masks; upon detection
violations the hands-free system notifies you of the need to observe security measures, blocks turnstiles, and also sends messages to responsible persons; the system is qualified
video analytics and prepares monthly reports.

“MS-19” is completely ready for operation, if there are video cameras at the facility, the service can be used immediately. All customers receive a two-week free test drive.

Basalt SPO released a new version Jc “Alt Workstation K 9”

for workstations. This is an OS with a convenient Plasma interface. The new version includes changes that will be useful to users, system administrators and software developers.
The OS features for managing the working environment are expanded, stable and safe operation of applications with high-resolution graphics is provided, security and system management tools are strengthened.

Rostelecom and Devar present an interactive platform for children with AR and AI technologies

The platform is developed using neural network technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) based on the mobile application of Devar, an expert in the field of
augmented reality.

The use of augmented reality increases the child’s attention and involvement by 45% compared to the traditional way of learning.

Studying on the Rostelecom platform takes place in a playful way. Children develop useful skills and explore the world through courses that are divided into three age groups: 3-5 years, 6-8 years old and 9-14 years old.
In the application, the child has a collection of virtual assistants.

“Logic of Business” presents ready-made configurations for the product “Logic: PLATFORM” on work with documents in different subject areas: construction, personnel, finance and operation
technical facilities. The configurations contain sets of models and forms of standard documents that allow you to quickly configure documents in the system, and the existing designer can be entered into
them changes in accordance with customer requirements.

Dell Technologies has announced two new VxRail systems,

including the first VxRail model, which is resistant to adverse environmental influences, and the model with AMD EPYC processors. This provides high computing power and simplicity of HCI solutions,
which can now be deployed in the most difficult conditions in remote locations with limited space.

Activity Summary

IDC presented a report on sales in world markets of printing equipment

for the first quarter of 2020. The number of shipments of printers, MFPs and scanners decreased by 7.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 21.1 million units. Analysts attribute this to
the effect of COVID-2019, because the bulk of the production of this equipment is located in Asia, in particular in China.

The figures differ from region to region, for example, in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Japan, the trend is different – sales not only did not fall, but also increased by about 1.8%. Miscellaneous data
can be seen in various segments – the market for laser color MFPs expanded by about 3%, while the volume of shipments of other devices fell markedly.

Only one player from the first five showed positive dynamics against the background of the general global recession – Brother (if you do not take into account the growth of less than 1%). According to the report, the total sales of devices of this Japanese
brand in the first quarter of 2020 increased by almost 10% and reached 1.8 million units. The main growth was noted in the European region (Central and Eastern Europe), as well as in the USA and Latin
America. The share began to increase in the 4th quarter of 2019, however, the year-on-year sales growth was especially noticeable at the beginning of this year (the last quarter of the financial year).


Bank DOM.RF has introduced a system for recognizing documents when lending

based on artificial intelligence developed by Smart Engines. The design and delivery of the solution was completed by NVI Solutions. The solution will optimize the review process.
applications and granting loans to make customer service even faster and more efficient.

VTB patented data verification technology for distributed microservice systems

VTB Group received a patent for a mechanism for validating complex data structures in microservice architecture. This solution allows you to reduce the cost and complexity of validating input
by the user or transferred to the system through the interface.

The algorithm allows you to carry out checks of varying complexity: from the permissible length or the presence of numbers and letters to the control of the simultaneous fulfillment of several necessary conditions, checks in directories and

Such checks will be performed both on the user side, for example, in the client’s browser, and on the side that provides verification and processing of server data. The solution allows each developer
create a specific microservice for the team and, at the right time, apply their own rules for validating data that falls into automated systems.

Teen spending has changed in 2020

In 2020, youth priorities shifted, perhaps the reason was forced isolation at home. So this year, the ranking of the most popular spending categories by the number of purchases on teenage cards
from January to June, the heading was the category “music” with a share of 20%: purchases in music stores and online services. Supermarkets with a share of 14% moved into second place. And closes the top three
fast food (including delivery) – 10%, respectively.

In the same period of 2019, with the adolescent cards of the Russian Standard, the majority of operations were performed in “retail” – 88.6%, of which 29.9% were expenses in supermarkets. In second place were
money transfers from card to card. On the third – transfers between your accounts.

It is interesting that in 2020 the average check for financial transactions of teenage cards (transfers, cash withdrawals, transfers to electronic wallets) also increased significantly – 3610 rubles, while in the same
last year, it amounted to 1,128 rubles.

Education and training

The Automation concern of Rostec State Corporation presented a comprehensive solution for organizing a digital learning space. It consists of a video conferencing system and platform for
creating virtual desktops, which allows you to get remote access to everything you need for training data. Development is already being used in test mode to protect graduation work in
RSHU and St. Petersburg University ITMO.

The solution proposed for universities and schools consists of two modules: IVA AVES S secure video-conferencing and Veil VDI desktop virtualization system. Technology protected
video-conferencing allows you to remotely conduct lectures, presentations, demonstrations of scientific projects, the protection of final qualification works.


Tele2 and the government of the Novgorod region signed an agreement

on cooperation in the field of digitalization of the economy and the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the region. The operator expressed readiness to take part in LTE-450 network development projects for
government services, smart city technologies, as well as digital services for the needs of the agricultural sector.

Rostec equips the situational center of the governor of the Saratov region

The development will allow for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of information in all areas of government, to predict a change in the situation on the basis of the data and provide
informational support of management processes.

The center being created in Saratov will become a part of the system of distributed situational centers of the country, working under a single interaction regulation.


MTS redeemed ten-year Eurobonds issued in 2010 for $ 750 million …

Nokia Announces 5G AirScale Cloud RAN with vRAN 2.0

will appear on the market before the end of this year. The first-generation Nokia 5G AirScale Cloud RAN solution with vRAN1.0 technology and a virtualized central unit (vCU) runs on the US commercial network
in the millimeter range since the beginning of 2019. The new Nokia vRAN2.0 solution includes a virtualized distributed unit (vDU) and a Fronthaul Gateway. As a result, we get
5G fully cloud distributed base station with good scalability, low latency, high performance and bandwidth.

MTS enters the smart car market

MTS announced the creation of a new direction of MTS Automotive, which will combine technology and products in the field of connected cars. One of the leading companies in Russia will also enter the new direction.
Developers and suppliers of multimedia devices and on-board information systems for automobiles – STOPOL AUTO and COAGENT Rus. MTS acquired a 100% interest in the authorized capital of these

Yota added Telegram to unlimited applications

Yota added Telegram to the list of applications to which you can connect unlimited access. The cost of the application on a smartphone is 20 rubles, on a tablet – 5 rubles for 30 days for everyone
regions of the Russian Federation. You can connect unlimited access to Telegram in the Yota mobile application or using the USSD-command * 111 * 6 #.

The day after the announcement of the unlocking of the messenger, the traffic of Yota users in Telegram increased by 33%.


Magnit introduced the 1C ERP system for the largest confectionery enterprise in southern Russia

Recently, the largest confectionery factory “Confectioner of the Kuban” in the Southern Federal District was opened. This is the second enterprise in the Industrial Park Retail Network, which is located in
Krasnodar. Managing an enterprise of this scale requires planning, accurate collection, analysis of information about all processes and constant monitoring, which allows to increase efficiency
processes. The tool for processing such an array of data, combining all the information resources of the enterprise into a single mechanism, was “1C: ERP Enterprise Management” from the company “1C”. The launch of 1C: ERP of the new generation took place along with the launch of the plant and became the first ERP implementation in Russia at the confectionery
full-cycle production, integrated, with its own extensive retail chain of stores.

MMC Norilsk Nickel has introduced Process Mining technology

to increase the efficiency of the process of maintenance and repair of equipment (PM) throughout the entire production. The project was implemented in conjunction with the specialists of the RAMACS Group of Companies.

The implementation of the system made it possible to identify weaknesses in the existing maintenance process and eliminate the causes of temporary and financial losses. Also, based on the data obtained, it became possible to identify zones
further optimization and improvement of maintenance.

Severstal, together with SAP and PwC, introduced a digital double of business processes using process mining technology to optimize procurement, manage external logistics
vehicles and master data management (establishment of counterparty cards and material master records).
The process mining technology provides a holistic picture of business processes, simplifies the search for inefficient places and opportunities for optimization and automation. She helps create an interactive
digital double of the real process, where you can see all the operations performed and trace the relationship between the actions that users performed. As a platform for such
solutions Severstal chose SAP Process Mining by Celonis.

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