Review IT-Weekly (08.06 - 06.14.2020)

Review IT-Weekly (08.06 – 06.14.2020)

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Gennady Belash | 06/14/2020

Review IT-Weekly (08.06 - 06.14.2020)


Marvel Distribution signed an agreement with a Russian solution developer for content filtering and protection against SkyDNS network threats.
All SkyDNS solutions are completely domestic developments, and the technologies underlying the products and services are included in the Unified Register of Russian Software of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. it
allows you to use them in budgetary institutions and companies with state participation.
SkyDNS cloud services and software solutions are intended for educational institutions, SMB companies, authorities, providers and individuals. Among the most popular vendor products:
SkyDNS.School, SkyDNS.Business, SkyDNS.Wi-Fi.

GK MONT and the company “ROBIN”,

Russian developer of a platform for creating software robots and chat bots for automating business processes, have entered into a distribution agreement.

Under the agreement, the companies will work on projects to introduce ROBIN RPA solutions in the Russian market. ROBIN RPA – the Russian platform for robotic business processes with
the use of artificial intelligence (included in the Unified Register of domestic software).

Marvel Distribution became the only wide-profile distributor in Russia with platinum status software maker Micro Focus. British company appropriated
the highest status for the distributor based on the results of the past financial year. Marvel Distribution has been working with Micro Focus for three years now, since the moment the British company acquired part of the business for
software development at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
Micro Focus develops tools for building, operating, protecting and analyzing data in the enterprise. Among the most popular Micro Focus products is Data Protector, a solution for
backup and restore data.


2GIS mapping service becomes part of Sberbank ecosystem

Sberbank has signed binding documents on investments in the development and acquisition of a controlling stake in 2GIS, the leading Russian company in the development of digital maps and city guides,
providing geoinformation and hyperlocal services to about 50 million users (MAU) in Russia, the CIS and far abroad.

According to the results of the transaction, in which O2O Holding LLC (a joint venture of Sberbank and Group in the field of food and transport) is also involved, the share of Sberbank will be 72%, the share of O2O – 3%, the founders and
management will retain a 25% stake in the company. Investment funds Baring Vostok and RTP Global will completely withdraw from the capital of 2GIS. Valuation of 100% of the company’s shares for the purpose of the transaction amounted to 14.3 billion

Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, introduced Aruba esp (Edge Services Platform), artificial intelligence-based cloud platform that predicts and solves problems at the edge of the network before
how do they arise. Aruba ESP is an automated universal platform that is built on the basis of AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT management) and implements the model of “zero
trust ”(Zero Trust) for network security. This platform is based on a unified architecture for local area networks (LANs), data centers, branch networks and remote
work places.

ABB is working with HPE to reduce the power consumption of supercomputers. HPE Cray Supercomputers Utilize ABB’s Special Energy-Based Solution
high voltage direct current systems, which can reduce the use of copper by 14 times. Another advantage of using high voltage direct current in the field of ecology and
efficiency – a significant reduction in power loss – up to 95%. A network-enabled solution also allows the power system to increase or decrease power depending on
computing load, providing maximum performance both at low computing loads and at full system load.

New products

Company AMD announced that NVIDIA DGX A100,

the third generation will become a high-performance computing system using second-generation AMD EPYC processors. Delivering 5 petaflops of AI performance, NVIDIA DGX architecture
The A100 enables businesses to accelerate solutions to various tasks using artificial intelligence in areas such as data analytics, training, and logical conclusions.

The company IVK has developed a ready-made secure workplace for an office employee.

This solution is on a USB-drive, including software products manufactured by IVK: certified Alt 8 SP OS, cryptographic information protection tool (CIP) IVK Crypto, and a set of application
Software for everyday work from the OS distribution. By agreement with the customer, application software from the Unified Register of Russian Programs, compatible, can be additionally installed on a flash drive
with Alt 8 SP OS.

Skills (skills) for voice assistant Maroussia from Group can now be created by everyone. On a single platform for VKontakte developers, it will be possible to offer a new
skill, which will be available to all users of the voice assistant – in the application and in the smart column Capsule.

Arabian company Comera Tech launched a video messenger based on and VideoMost SDK from SPIRIT.

In the UAE, the state strictly regulates the use of applications for voice and video communications, and the popular WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram and Skype are not only formally prohibited there, but also really
locked down. The local Arab company received permission from the local regulator and developed an application for group video calls, available to users both domestically and for
calls abroad.

Activity Summary

According to the assessment of the “M. Video Eldorado “, sales of smartphones in May

amounted to 39.2 billion rubles and increased by 3% compared to May last year, in real terms, the smartphone market reached 2.4 million units, at the level of last year. In June, the smartphone market retains
positive dynamics. Sales “M. Video Eldorado ”is several times higher than the market – in May, sales of smartphones in two networks increased by 10% in monetary terms and by 19% in kind relative to
last year, online sales grew nearly 300%.

IDC: Results of the first quarter of 2020 in the Russian server market

According to the IDC EMEA Quarterly Server Tracker study, in the first quarter of 2020, 30,767 servers of all types were delivered to the Russian market for a total of $ 231.16 million. Compared to
the same period last year, the number of servers delivered increased by 27.6%, while the volume of deliveries in monetary terms increased by 34.9%.

Quarterly deliveries of standard x86 architecture servers accounted for 99.7% in quantitative terms. In monetary terms, x86 servers accounted for a share of 92.6%, showing an increase of 34.1% compared to the 1st
quarter of 2019. Deliveries of RISC systems increased both in quantitative and monetary terms – by 5.6% and 46.9%, respectively, compared to the same period in 2019.

According to the results of the quarter, the top three suppliers included servers of standard x86 architecture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which retains a leading position in the segment of server solutions in terms of quantity
pieces of equipment supplied, followed by Lenovo and Dell Technologies. These vendors have shown significant growth in supply in monetary terms.

“In the 1st quarter, the market showed positive positive dynamics. The corporate segment continued to invest in infrastructure development. There was a steady demand for high-performance systems.
Large companies of almost all sectors continue to invest both in infrastructure modernization and in the implementation of new services, ”said Mikhail Lebedev, research program manager
corporate systems market, IDC in Russia and the CIS.

Information Security

Rostelecom Solar has released a new version of the Solar WebProxy 3.3 Web Security Gateway, which implements a fully pre-configured content filtering policy for Internet traffic for
banks. The policy protects organizations in accordance with the requirements of the FinCERT Bank of Russia and a number of governing federal laws, standards and regulations in the information security sphere for financial institutions.

As part of a pre-packaged filtering policy for banks, it automatically implements compromise indicators – malware file attributes – from FinCERT newsletters. With a given frequency
The Solar web Proxy is turning to the Bank of Russia incident processing platform to search for newly arrived data on malicious resources and files. New attributes are uploaded to the system for
use in the policy and are automatically updated in existing rules.


Moscow Credit Bank (ICD) has launched the issuance of digital debit cards.

Any cards are available for ordering in the “Favorable”, “Premium” and “Exclusive” card service packages. Release and activation is carried out instantly in a mobile application and does not require an office visit

Diasoft entered the top 5 global suppliers of IT solutions for the financial industry and received Major Player status (“Key Player”) according to the annual report of the analytical agency
Forrester The company not only became the only vendor from Russia presented in the report, but also significantly improved its position in the ranking, confirming business growth in 2019.

VTB plans that the share of the costs of maintaining and developing IT department specialists of the total IT budget will be more than 50% by 2022. This year, VTB plans to increase
the number of IT departments by 20%, up to almost 5400 people, now the group employs about 400 IT specialists per quarter.

In total, VTB currently employs about 4,500 IT specialists. At the same time, the bank plans to systematically increase the costs of digitalization and development of this area. VTB’s strategy is laid
an increase in the share of IT-related costs from 15% to 19% by 2022.

In late May, VTB launched a paid internship program for young IT professionals, and the bank also attracts employees with the help of specialized recruiters through all channels of a credit institution: collection
resume on recommendations from employees, including prospect – without open vacancies – Friends & Family. A new hiring tool is also used by viewing the code, which
the candidate wrote – HR startups.

Education and training

The Northwest Institute of Management, RANEPA officially included employees of the technical secretariat of the selection committee of a virtual consultant with artificial intelligence. New
the specialist received the name Victor. He will accompany applicants at all stages of admission to the university.


GOST R 58833-2020 “Information security. Identification and authentication. General provisions” entered into force …

ASCON signed a memorandum of cooperation with Roscosmos State Corporation
The agreement reflects the State Corporation’s focus on the implementation of innovative approaches and principles of full management.
product life cycle. Together with ASCON, a comprehensive system of requirements for a universal industry-specific PLM solution will be formed in a geographically distributed data processing environment.

Tele2 and the government of the Pskov region signed an agreement

on cooperation in the field of digitalization of the economy and the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the region. The operator expressed willingness to participate in projects for the development of technology of the “smart” city
and the creation of digital services.

Among the potential points of interaction between the regional government and the mobile operator, the Smart City digitalization project is being considered. It includes technology development
Internet of Things (NB-IoT), as well as projects to automate the needs of the agro-industrial complex.

The holding “Roselectronika” of the State Corporation Rostec will install at ambulance stations Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug automated dispatch system. Introducing a New Solution
will reduce the response time to calls by more than 30%.

When calling, the system determines the location of the subscriber, finds the ambulances closest to him, analyzes the availability of the necessary equipment and medicines in them. After that automatically
a call team is assigned and the shortest route is built. All information about the call is transmitted to the ambulance without the participation of the operator.


In Tele2 communication salons, payment for Rostelecom services without commission has become available.

The service is implemented on the basis of QIWI payment gateways. You can pay for Internet and television, online cinema Wink, home or mobile phone. Payment is made on the personal account for the Internet or
television and by phone number for home telephone or cellular services. Crediting of deposited funds occurs instantly.

Tele2 and GUP “PILARN”, specializing in the prevention and elimination of emergency oil spills, tested LTE-450 technology in the Gulf of Finland. Icebreaker Nevskaya Zastava
provided mobile Internet at a frequency of 450 MHz using Skylink equipment. The vessel provides environmental safety on the Neva River and in the water area of ​​the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland – Nevskaya
lip. Thanks to the features of LTE technology in the 450 MHz band – range and high penetration – the icebreaker stays in touch with the coast all the time without signal delay.

MTS announced the launch of virtual numbers that allow you to call and send SMS messages without a SIM card. You can connect a virtual number yourself in the MTS Connect application.

Virtual number – a number in the usual format that can be used for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as for receiving and sending SMS. A virtual number does not need a new one to work
SIM card, instead of it, any active MTS SIM card, the MTS Connect application and an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or via a mobile network are required.

Ericsson to supply MTS radio relay lines for modernization and construction

new converged transport networks in the Central, Far Eastern, Siberian and Southern Federal Districts.

This will be equipment with a distributed architecture for new-generation radio relay communication – the MINI-LINK 6000 series, as well as the MINI-LINK 6366 street modular solution. Radio relay communication (RRL) –
one of the main technologies for connecting base stations.

Service maintenance

Cross technologies, a system integrator in the field of IT and information security, has become a certified service partner of Huawei. Companies
CSP Level Three-Star Certified Service Partner in Data Communication.

This allows Cross Technologies in the status of an official service partner to provide service support, provide design and commissioning services
to its customers based on Huawei products.

The company employs specialists who have received Huawei Certified Network Professional Routing & Switching certification (HCNP, HCIP certificates).


The number of suppliers in May for Wildberries increased from 30 to 35 thousand,

over 19 thousand of which are individual entrepreneurs. The number of self-employed selling their products on Wildberries doubled to 1 thousand people per month.


At seven Mars factories (one of the largest producers of food and animal feed) in Russia, the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP) warehouse management system has been introduced
The project was implemented by TeamIdea.

The team was faced with the task of increasing the capacity of the IT system responsible for warehouse logistics and order processing speed. SAP EWM testing took place simultaneously in all 7 enterprises
in parallel with the development and tuning of the system, then each of the plants was gradually launched into operation. In the future, it is planned to deploy the system in three more factories of the company in Russia, and
also in the distribution center. Mars noted that this project in Russia is a good example for using the SAP EWM system at Mars enterprises in other countries. On the
Today, the SAP EWM implementation project is also ongoing in Latin America.

LANIT and Ctrl2GO will implement predictive analytics solutions in industrial enterprises

The companies agreed to jointly promote and implement predictive analytics solutions for enterprises based on engineering, oil and gas, energy and other industries
Clover products.

The intelligent Clover platform is designed to process and analyze large industrial data. It includes a rule library and MX models (MathExperience). Company specialists
model the behavior of objects based on a description of the physics of production and technological processes and develop engineering models that describe the behavior of equipment even in cases
insufficient data from sensors.

BELTEL took part in the integration project of Rostelecom PJSC,

as a result of which a unified infrastructure was created. The goal of the project developed by PJSC Rostelecom was the transition to a converged solution that provides the functions of unified communications.
An important task was the continuity of existing equipment and subscriber devices. The architecture based on Avaya Aura, developed by BELTEL, was chosen as the solution.

Требование преемственности было выполнено благодаря специальной программе Avaya по льготной миграции устаревших УПАТС, обеспечивающей сохранение инвестиций как в части лицензионной емкости, так и в
дальнейшем использовании большей части существующего узлового оборудования и телефонных аппаратов на рабочих местах.

Компании AMD и Amazon Web Services объявили о том, что инстанс EC2 C5a, оборудованный процессорами AMD, доступен для использования. Оснащенный процессорами AMD EPYC второго поколения, C5a обеспечивает
пользователям облачного сервиса AWS новые возможности решения задач с интенсивной вычислительной нагрузкой при лучшей производительности и низкой цене.

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