Review of IT-Weekly (01.06 - 07.06.2020)

Review of IT-Weekly (01.06 – 07.06.2020)

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Anna Savelyeva | 06/07/2020

Review of IT-Weekly (01.06 - 07.06.2020)


MERLION began selling Beeline SIM cards
with self-registration technology from the tariff line “Close people” or “Not alone at home”. For partners, the “For Computer” tariff plan is also available for use in USB modems or
routers. The cost of cards is 100 and 300 rubles. In both cases, the entire amount is credited to the balance of the subscriber account.

Activity Summary

Laptop sales in Russia grew by almost 70%
In April, Russians bought 255 thousand devices worth 10 billion rubles, which is 66% more in units and 68% in money than a year earlier. Online demand grew 3.4 times and 3.2 times, respectively. Asus
became the leader in the number of laptops sold, occupying the third line a year earlier, and the Aspire 3 A315-42G-R3HC was the most popular. For the first time in a month, Huawei entered the top 5. On the
manufacturers Asus, Acer. Lenovo, HP and Huawei accounted for about 90% of the market in quantitative terms.

Wildberries sales up 3.5 times in May
compared to the previous year. Over a month, more than 53.5 million pieces of goods were sold – 60% of the total number of goods in distribution complexes. For comparison, in the peak of December 2019 was
36.3 million goods were sold, which is almost 1.5 times less than in May: 38.9 billion rubles. in May against 33.2 billion rubles. at the end of last year.

Information Security

BI.ZONE and NGENIX become partners
Together, companies will create new defense mechanisms against existing cyber threats in the cloud, as well as develop approaches to repel attacks that may arise in the future. The main areas of work
they will develop improved techniques for neutralizing bots without blocking IP addresses and reducing the number of false positives for protective services.


AliExpress will open new direct flights from China to Russia
AliExpress Russia, together with the logistics operator Tsainyao, China Post and Russian Post, launches three regular cargo flights from Changsha Airport. Parcels will be sorted on
Russian Post distribution centers in Moscow, the company will carry out customs clearance of goods, and at the “last mile” orders will be delivered to customers at the post office or
to the door.


In Moscow, introduced a new type of digital pass
which allows you to visit the MFC. Validity is one day. The number of designs is not limited.

In almost the same way as for other types of passes, the website will need to indicate your name, passport data, date of birth, phone number, transport card or car number. Besides
of this, you will need information about the multifunctional center that you plan to visit.


MegaFon launched its own podcast service
The basic free version of MegaFon Podcasts contains audio recordings of the comedy show Joe Rogan Experience and Lifehacker, lectures on literature and art from Arzamas studio, educational
TED and BBC projects – more than 200 materials in 11 categories.

Premium access is paid from the subscriber’s mobile account. For 5 rubles per day, the user receives audio articles, lectures and reviews of the world’s best-selling literary books, some of which are not yet
translated into Russian.


LANIT Omni has become part of NORBIT
Thus, NORBIT will expand the product portfolio of CRM practice. In turn, LANIT Omni will continue to develop the RightWay product line, as well as retain its brand and team.

Integration, Vendors

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