Review of IT-Weekly (13.07 - 19.07.2020)

Review of IT-Weekly (13.07 – 19.07.2020)

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Anna Savelieva | 07/19/2020

Review of IT-Weekly (13.07 - 19.07.2020)


MERLION became a distributor of DoCash
The distribution agreement was signed in July 2020. Thanks to him, MERLION acquired the right to supply DoCash professional banking and office equipment to the Russian market.
(Germany). The equipment is manufactured at contract enterprises in Europe, Asia and Russia.

MONT Cloud Distribution introduces IBM cloud services
MaaS360 (AI-based mobile device management), Aspera on Cloud are now available for partners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, countries of Central, Central Asia and the Caucasus
(organization of data transfer and storage) and IBM Cloud (PaaS and IaaS services from a single interface).

diHouse added SmartMi equipment to its portfolio
Deliveries of humidifiers, heaters, air purifiers and other products are planned for the 3rd quarter. Feb 2020

The smart system SmartMi Xiaomi allows you to remotely control the indoor climate and is suitable for use both in an apartment and in a country house. SmartMi products can be purchased at
chain stores, Wildberries and Ozon marketplaces, as well as the diHouse online store.

MERLION signed a distribution agreement with IEK
IEK products are present on the market under the ITK trademark and are used in programs for the reconstruction and updating of IT systems of Russian and foreign companies.

Under the agreement, partners have access to SCS optical and copper components, power supply and monitoring, server and wiring cabinets, LAN cable and tools, cable support systems, as well as
all electrical equipment of the vendor.

New products

Lenovo released a workstation
based on 64-core AMD processor. Along with a powerful backbone, the ThinkStation P620 has built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet, support for up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics cards or four
RTX 4000 graphics cards, up to 1 TB of RAM, and up to 20 TB of storage. Overall, there is enough room in the case for four
3.5 “HDD.

Results of activities

Acer reported record revenue
According to preliminary estimates, for the II quarter. Consolidated revenue reached NT $ 65.60 billion, the highest for the company in the last 10 quarters. This is 34.3% higher than the indicator
the previous quarter and by 19% – last year. In total, from the beginning of the year to June, consolidated revenue amounted to 114.46 billion Taiwan dollars, overtaking the result of 2019 by 4.2%. Greatest growth
The Americas and EMEA showed revenues, which rose 35.6% and 60% quarter-on-quarter, respectively.

SAP cloud revenue grew 21% in Q2
up to 2.04 billion euros (according to IFRS), by 19% to 2.04 billion euros (not according to IFRS) and up to 18% (not according to IFRS in constant currencies). Software license revenue fell 18% to € 0.77 billion
IFRS and non-IFRS) and 18% (non-IFRS in constant currencies). In turn, revenues from cloud and software products increased by 4% to 5.71 billion euros (according to IFRS), by 3% to 5.71 billion euros (not according to
IFRS) and 3% (excluding IFRS in constant currencies). Total revenues rose 2% to 6.74 billion euros (IFRS), 1% to 6.74 billion euros (non-IFRS) and 1% (non-IFRS in constant currencies).

Software license revenue declined 23% to € 1.22 billion (IFRS and non-IFRS) and 23% (non-IFRS in constant currencies), while cloud and software revenue
grew by 5% year on year to 11.11 billion euros (under IFRS and without IFRS) and up to 4% (excluding IFRS in constant currencies). Total revenue increased by 4% to 13.26 billion euros (IFRS), by 4% to 13.27 billion
euros (non-IFRS) and 3% (non-IFRS in constant currencies).


Citylink launched a distribution center in Rostov-on-Don
with an area of ​​over 12,000 sq. m. The facility will process orders, as well as store the goods of the company’s partners connected according to the partner warehouse model. The center is at the intersection
the federal highway M4-Don and the Rostov-Volgodonsk highway. About 100 million rubles have been invested in its arrangement and adaptation to the company’s processes. Delivery times to buyers in
cities in the region will be reduced by at least 30 hours.

The state

The government has promised to IT companies 20 billion rubles.
Companies will be able to receive up to 250 million rubles. per year, but not more than 50% of the amount of own expenses.

Funds will be allocated in the presence of companies’ developments in the register of domestic software and taking into account the prospects and market needs within the framework of state and industry digital programs

The selection of applicants for grants will start in August. In 2020, grants could cover 80% of the cost of developing and launching new products due to the coronavirus pandemic.


MegaFon and Rosgeologia will lay FOCL from Europe to Asia
The expedition will begin on August 5, 2020 in Murmansk and will last three months. The research vessel of Rosgeology “Professor Logachev” will pass the most difficult in terms of ice
conditions of the sections of the route in the Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchi seas. The total length of the section under study in 2020 will be 6,500 km.

In 2020, experts will conduct a preliminary study of the bottom topography and determine safe routes for the route in the Arctic seas. The second part of the survey will take place in 2021 and will include
detailed study of the engineering conditions for laying the underwater cable, including the study of bottom rocks.


Inventive Retail Group starts cooperation with Xiaomi
The company plans to open up to 60 Xiaomi stores in Russia. The first point is 75 sq. m will be launched on July 22, 2020 in Moscow. Buyers will have access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable
devices (watches and bracelets), as well as various accessories.


Acronis acquired DeviceLock
Under the agreement, DeviceLock will become a subsidiary of Acronis, and DeviceLock technologies will be integrated into the Acronis Cyber ​​Platform. New services are now provided through the portal
Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud Solutions, at the same time, work will continue on new versions of the DeviceLock DLP complex while maintaining full technical support. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Phison sells its stake in Kingston Solutions
The joint venture will fully transfer to Kingston Technology and make the company a majority shareholder in KSI. After the sale of its stake, Phison will maintain its focus on technology, research and
development, and will provide Kingston with support and service. The deal was valued at Taiwanese dollars 1,781,640,000 (about USD 60,782,933).

Distribution, Integration

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