review of the package of office applications "MyOffice" for home users / Software

review of the package of office applications “MyOffice” for home users / Software

Recently, “MyOffice” has become a frequent guest of news and expert publications on our portal 3DNews Daily Digital Digest. And this is not surprising: the product is interesting, developed from scratch by Russian programmers and is actively developing. Earlier, we talked about the history of the project, shared detailed information about the functional features and capabilities of the office platform, reported on the passage of certification tests and many other news about the development of the software solution.

The reason for the next mention of the platform “MyOffice” were four good reasons at once.

Firstly, “MyOffice” is included in the list of software products that will be preinstalled by manufacturers on digital devices sold in the country starting from April 1 – smartphones, tablets, stationary and laptop computers, as well as TVs with the Smart TV function. The application “MyOffice Documents” will be preinstalled on mobile gadgets, and the package “MyOffice Standard. Home version “. Thus, for buyers of electronic equipment, a set of office programs will be available “out of the box”, with a free license for home users.

Secondly, on April 1, the development team officially announced the MyOffice Standard. Home version ”, which is free for private users. This news will definitely delight those who want to find an affordable and high-quality solution for working with documents.

Thirdly, in January 2021, a major update of the MyOffice platform was released, which significantly improved the user interface and expanded the functionality of the software package.

And finally, the fourth reason is that today anyone can download the product and evaluate its capabilities on their own. This can be done by downloading the “MyOffice Standard. Home version ”from the company’s website or from the Microsoft Store and Apple Mac App Store. The free mobile application “MyOffice Docs” is also available for download on Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

If so, why not take a closer look at the product?

⇡ #The composition of the product

The package “MyOffice Standard. Home version “for personal computers includes two applications – desktop editors of text documents” MyOffice Text “and spreadsheets” MyOffice Table “. The distribution kit of the software solution is presented for the Windows 10 (64-bit) platform and macOS 10.15 or later.

A set of applications “MyOffice Standard. Home version “for desktops

The mobile version of the “MyOffice Documents” package is universal and implemented in an “all-in-one” format – the program contains four developer products at once with a single working environment. In addition to the text and spreadsheet editor, the mobile version includes tools for viewing presentations and PDF documents, as well as a file manager. The application supports mobile platforms Android, iOS, iPadOS, and is also compatible with Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets.

Android version of “MyOffice Documents”

⇡ #Functionality

“MyOffice Standard. Home version ”contains the necessary set of functions and tools for working with documents both open formats ODF (ODT, ODS) and OOXML (DOCX, XLSX), and with documents XODT, XODS (own format of the software” MyOffice “). It also supports outdated DOC and XLS formats (converted to modern formats when saved), RTF, TXT and the previously mentioned PDF. At the same time, the editors included in the product display documents identically on any device.

With the help of desktop applications “MyOffice” the user can perform all the functions necessary for everyday work – from the design and layout of documents to adding various elements such as tables, graphs or images to them. The capabilities of the text editor “MyOffice Text” allow you to work with documents of any complexity and create new documents using templates, styles and text formatting tools. Supports work with headers and footers, bulleted and numbered lists, footnotes and hyperlinks, shapes and images, tables of contents, tables.

Text editor “MyOffice Text”

The spreadsheet editor “MyOffice Table” also supports working with document templates, has an impressive set of formulas (over two hundred mathematical, statistical, logical functions), includes tools for processing and visualizing data of various formats through graphs and diagrams. The program implements the ability to work with sheets, structured links, functions for sorting and filtering data, as well as pivot tables. Filters by groups are provided.

Table processor “MyOffice Table”

Separate mention in the product “MyOffice Standard. Home version ”deserves support for macros (macros), which can automate the execution of lengthy or frequently repeated operations. The Lua programming language is used to develop macros in the “MyOffice” editors. The ability to automatically check the spelling of text in Russian and English is supported (for Russian, the grammar is also checked). To minimize font compatibility issues and display documents the same across platforms, the office suite comes with its own set of XO Fonts.

An excellent addition to the desktop product “MyOffice Standard. Home version “is a mobile version of” MyOffice Documents “. The application is distributed free of charge and does not contain any ads inside. Compared to desktop programs, the difference between the mobile version is that the same mobile application “MyOffice Documents” is used for private and corporate users. In its functionality, it surpasses editors for home users. With it, you can create and edit text documents, carry out calculations in spreadsheets, view PDF files. The program allows you to easily share files through any convenient instant messenger or email, and also supports interaction with cloud storages Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Box.

“MyOffice Documents” is very convenient for making quick edits and managing documents on the go. To a large extent, this is facilitated by audio commentary – a unique feature that is not found in any other office editor in the world. To leave a voice note, you need to open the file you want to comment on and hold your finger anywhere in the document for a couple of seconds. This action will bring up a context menu with a suggestion to add a comment: normal or voice, up to two minutes long. The created audio recording can then be listened to on a mobile device (if you send the file and open it in this application), but corporate users can do it on any computer with the MyOffice office suite installed.

Audio comment function

Voice memos can significantly speed up work with documents – it is often faster and easier to speak the desired comment than to write it using the virtual keyboard of a mobile device. This is especially useful in situations when you have to work with documents “on the run” or on the road. At the same time, there is one important nuance: unlike office software from other manufacturers, where an unsafe function of voice input is used with processing on third-party remote servers, audio comments in the MyOffice editors are stored as audio recordings inside the document itself in XODT format and are not transmitted for decryption by third parties services.

⇡ #Distinctive features

In the package of office applications “MyOffice” developers have implemented many technological and innovative solutions that greatly simplify the daily work with documents. These include the new responsive editor toolbar “MyOffice Text” and “MyOffice Table”, which presents all commands – without tabs. In this case, the commands themselves are grouped into sections, the composition of which automatically changes depending on which object is selected in the document. Earlier, we recall that in the working environment “MyOffice” a more traditional approach was used with a system of contextual tabs, which were automatically displayed in the interface when the user performed certain actions (for an understanding of the scale of changes, see our review of the previous version of the package).

Changes in the design of the “MyOffice” platform

The updated interface is the result of more than two years of work by the specialists of the “MyOffice” team, who researched many design concepts, prototypes and approaches to building a working environment for document editors. The new smart toolbar is based on three key principles:

  • Context. At any given time, the user sees on the panel only those tools that are applicable in the current context;
  • Division by object. The panel is structured using tabs, each of which corresponds to a specific object (text, table, image, and so on);
  • Completeness. The panel presents all the formatting tools applicable in the current context.

The combination of these three components allowed the developers to make “MyOffice” understandable to everyone – even to those who had never worked with office applications before.

The redesign of the interface made it possible to increase the speed of searching for commands on the toolbar by 2.5 times – this figure was obtained during the study of the effectiveness of user interaction in the new design of the editors “MyOffice” The manufacturer conducted a study in a specially prepared testing laboratory of the ITMO Research University, where they measured the time to search for functions in different versions of the toolbar and analyzed this and other parameters in 1800 cases. Research has shown that the new responsive panel without tabs really speeds up the work with the office suite, and this is an experimentally proven fact.

Another useful feature is the extended clipboard, with which you can save up to ten text fragments in temporary memory and then use them when working with documents. To call the clipboard menu, the key combination “Shift + Ctrl + Z” is provided.

Up to 10 text blocks can be placed on the clipboard of MyOffice

Up to 10 text blocks can be placed on the clipboard “MyOffice”

The Quick Actions menu also deserves a mention. In all editors of the MyOffice platform, you can press one key combination “Ctrl + /”, which will bring up the search string for the desired function. The search bar supports predictive input – you just need to type a couple of characters, and the program itself will prompt the full name of the command. Thus, you can perform the desired actions without a mouse.

Quick Actions Menu

Quick Actions Menu

For the convenience of formatting documents, the Brush History function is provided, which allows you to select formatting from the drop-down list and quickly apply it to the text. You can save up to 10 design styles.

Brush History function

Brush History function

When working with large spreadsheets, the functions of highlighting the active area with a certain number of rows, simultaneously freezing rows and columns, as well as a floating formula input window and the ability to rotate text in cells to any angle can do a good job.

Floating window for entering formulas in the table editor (when you turn the table, you can always see the cell in which you enter the formula directly on the sheet)

Floating window for entering formulas in the table editor (when you turn the table, you can always see the cell in which you enter the formula directly on the sheet)

Another interesting feature of “MyOffice Table” is the support for the tabular style of cell formatting with alternating row fill. This makes it easier to work with large amounts of data and their perception. In addition, unlike solutions of foreign analogues, “MyOffice Table” is able to restore accidentally deleted sheets: just click on the “Undo” button on the toolbar or press “Ctrl + Z” – and the spreadsheet editor will roll back erroneous actions.

⇡ #Performance evaluation

To check the speed characteristics of the “MyOffice” package, we used a typical scenario – opening large documents. To get an objective picture, the experiment also involved the actual at the time of preparation of the material versions of the office software “P7-Office”, LibreOffice and Office 365, called Microsoft 365.

Public sample files from the resource were used as test materials. Namely: DOCX documents (14 pages with text and images, size 32.1 MB), DOC (11 pages with text and images, 4.5 MB), ODT (14 pages with text and images, 32.1 MB) , XLSX (one sheet, 10 thousand lines, 1.4 MB), XLS (one sheet, 10 thousand lines, 3.2 MB) and ODS (one sheet, 10 thousand lines, 1.3 MB).

The test benches were a 10-year-old Sony VAIO VPC-Y11M1R / S laptop (1.3 GHz Intel SU4100 processor, 8 GB of RAM, SSD, Intel GMA X4500MHD integrated video) and a more modern last year Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 II ( 4-core Intel Core i5 processor, 1 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, SSD, discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce MX350 with 2 GB on board). Screencast technology was used to measure the opening time of documents – recording a computer screen from an external device (smartphone camera) and then measuring the timing from the moment the application was launched until the contents of the file were fully displayed. To solve this problem, the open-source video editor Shotcut was used. For the purity of the experiment, all office suites were tested separately, the rest of the applications running in the system were unloaded from the computer’s memory when the benchmarks were executed. The results of our testing can be judged by the charts below.

Performance evaluation of office suites

As you can see, the undisputed favorite in the tests is Microsoft 365, which opens documents of different formats in a matter of seconds, even on a low-performance computer. The second and third positions in various disciplines were shared by “MyOffice” and the LibreOffice developed by the Open Source community. In particular, “MyOffice” copes quite well with processing files in the widespread DOCX format – a split second faster than Microsoft 365 on a powerful test station (almost on a par with a weak PC) and many times faster than LibreOffice. “MyOffice” demonstrates good results when opening text documents in the ODF format, which is the Russian national document formatting standard (GOST R ISO / IEC 26300-2010). Finally, “MyOffice” is not bad at “digesting” DOC and XSLX files: in these tests, the domestic product is second only to Microsoft 365, and the lag behind the leader cannot be called significant.

⇡ #Curious facts

  • “MyOffice” is not a copy of existing products on the market. The kernel, interface and other components of the package are written from scratch.
  • MyOffice has a consistent interface across all available platforms.
  • Particular attention is paid to the safety of the product: “MyOffice” regularly undergoes certification tests for compliance with the requirements of the current regulations of the FSTEC of Russia and fully complies with them.
  • The mobile application “MyOffice Documents” supports Russian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The product is available in 65 countries of the world, and the number of downloads exceeds 650 thousand. The top 5 by the number of users includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Italy.
  • In 2019, MyOffice Documents entered the top 100 mobile apps in the App Store in the Performance category, and in 2020 – in the top 100 mobile apps in the same category on the iPad.
  • In October 2020, “MyOffice” became the first Russian developer of office software, the mobile application of which appeared in Huawei AppGallery. Huawei device users can install MyOffice Docs from the app store and receive automatic updates when new versions are released.

⇡ #Summing up

The MyOffice platform has been developing since the spring of 2013, and during this time it has acquired the status of a reliable and convenient tool for working with documents. If earlier the package was available mainly for the corporate audience, then with the release of the version for private users, the company has a chance to increase its market share and, in the future, change the arrangement of players in the office software segment. Taking into account the quality of the developer’s software, such a development of events is quite likely.

The products “MyOffice Standard. Home version “and” MyOffice Documents “a lot of trump cards up their sleeves. Among them: a simple interface, support for popular platforms and document formats, a large set of functions and the ability to work with documents on any device without an Internet connection. And the most important thing: the cost of the software solution is zero rubles – and at the same time you will not see any advertising anywhere, which is a rarity today. В любом случае, в выигрыше останутся потребители, то есть мы с вами.

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