Rivian will install 10,000 charging stations for its electric cars in the USA and Canada by 2023

Rivian will install 10,000 charging stations for its electric cars in the USA and Canada by 2023

The Rivian company, which is preparing the launch of three models of electric vehicles this year, announced that by 2023, with the support of Amazon (which has already started using Rivian electric vans), it will install more than 10,000 charging stations in the USA and Canada (of which 3,500 are high-speed ). The Rivian Adventure Network includes fast recharging stations on highways, as well as Level 2 stations for more remote locations like parks.

Rivian described the network on their blog in the following words: “Each site will have multiple chargers and will be conveniently located on highways and main roads, often close to cafes and shops. These DC fast charging stations are for owners only Rivian… Detailed information on prices and related programs will appear in the near future “

The company will also install Level 2 chargers, each capable of delivering a relatively modest 11.5 kW of power, so that in a pinch, it can replenish 40 km of range for a Rivian R1T pickup truck or R1S SUV in an hour of charging. These chargers will be located on remote routes that Rivian believes its drivers will visit. The first travel chargers of this type will be available in Colorado parks in July and will fit any electric vehicle with a J1772 connector.

Rivian says drivers will be able to find waypoints and fast chargers in their vehicles’ navigation systems and in the Rivian app. According to the company, the network of charging stations will operate 100% on renewable energy sources.

Of course, this is an ambitious plan, and in addition, Rivian is still a relatively new player in the electric vehicle market – its pickup truck and SUV were presented at the end of 2018 (the company previously worked in stealth mode since 2009). But the manufacturer has managed to attract several huge funding packages: the company has raised billions of dollars from Amazon, Ford and T. Rowe Price.

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