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Robert Swan, leaving Intel, increases his stake in the company

It is believed that the reason for the resignation of Intel CEO Robert Swan (Robert Swan) was a technological problem that manifested itself during his tenure. From a financial point of view, the company has a decent margin of safety, and this is indirectly confirmed by the purchase of Intel shares by Swan himself after the announcement of his departure.

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Image Source: Getty Images

This week Robert Swan, according to filings, acquired 27,244 shares of Intel for a total of $ 1.51 million. By this Saturday, he received another 139,625 shares as part of the compensation package due to the corporation’s top executives. This increased the total number of shares owned by Swan to 484,943 shares, their current market value is approaching $ 27 million. Recall that after the announcement of quarterly reports, Intel shares fell by more than 8%, so the outgoing head of the company chose the best time to buy shares.

On January 13, it was announced that from February 15, Patrick Gelsinger, who at the beginning of the century worked as the company’s technical director for several years, and his total work experience at Intel for more than thirty years, will become CEO. Gelsinger has already begun recruiting veterans with Intel experience for key technical positions, but these appointments are not yet affecting stock prices. It takes several years to bring a new architecture to market, so the effectiveness of Gelsinger’s efforts can be judged closer to the middle of the decade.

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