Role-playing action Genshin Impact on PS4 will be released on September 28. Starter kit pre-order is open

Role-playing action Genshin Impact on PS4 will be released on September 28. Starter kit pre-order is open

MiHoYo has announced that the shareware action RPG Genshin Impact will be released on PlayStation 4 on September 28, along with PC, iOS and Android versions of the game. The PlayStation Store has already opened a pre-order of the “Adventurer Starter Pack”, which will cost the buyer 789 rubles.

The Adventurer’s Starter Pack includes:

  • subjects of prayer: fateful meetings (× 2);
  • common currency: mora (x 150,000);
  • character experience materials: adventurer experience (× 80);
  • Weapon upgrade materials: Superior Enhancement Ore (× 50);
  • dishes: smoked chicken (× 10), fried matsutake (× 10), chicken in honey sauce (× 10), pancakes for tea (× 10).

By pre-ordering, you will receive Hero Experience (× 15) and Enhancement Magic Ore (× 20).

PlayStation 4 users will get the chance to earn exclusive Sword of Descension and Wings of Descension, as well as other bonuses in the future.

Sword of Descension is a worthy weapon to come in handy at the start of your adventure. The sword not only has a chance to deal additional damage to nearby enemies, but it also significantly increases attack damage, making it the perfect choice for dealing with any pesky enemies early on. The second item is the exclusive Wings of Descension stylized windplane. It will help you navigate the terrain quickly and also allow you to safely overcome heights that would otherwise be impossible.

Studio miHoYo said that since this is its first console release, it took a while to resolve issues with the cross-platform play feature. “We will continue to listen to player feedback and improve the PS4 version, continually optimizing and stabilizing the game to improve performance and provide players with the best single and multiplayer experience.– added the technical director Zhenzhong Yi. – Other features are also in development. There will be a version that will significantly improve the processing of characters and the view of landscapes “

In Genshin Impact, you have to explore the magical world of Teivat, which includes seven kingdoms. In your search for a kidnapped blood relative, you will meet companions with various skills, you will fight powerful opponents and reveal many secrets of this world.

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