Roskachestvo has made a rating of inexpensive smartphones

Roskachestvo has made a rating of inexpensive smartphones

Catherine Alexandrova

Roskachestvo has tested 24 new smartphones from 14 brands. The total rating now includes 399 models of 33 brands. Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and Google have not pushed Apple and Samsung flagships.
Budget gadgets are ready to compete with popular but expensive brands.

New Honor 20 Pro or old Samsung Galaxy S9?

Released in early 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a rating of 4,032 points with a price tag of around 46,000 rubles. Honor 20 Pro (3,755 points) with the price of 35 thousand is in the same price category. both
The models support two SIM cards and all types of interfaces (from Wi-Fi to NFC). They have about the same battery life (24.5 hours at Honor and 22.5 hours at Samsung), both have the same
impact and water resistance (standard IP68). Both the S9 and Honor 20 Pro run on Android, however, Samsung on the eighth version, and Honor on the ninth. But with cameras the situation is different.

Following the trend, manufacturers have installed on the Honor 20 Pro 4 the main cameras – wide-angle, for normal shooting, for shooting macro-objects and for microfilming – and one front. Each of them
has a resolution that exceeds the lone Galaxy S9 camera. But the quality of the photos is better with Samsung, as the lab tests show: Samsung has more detail and color rendering, then
as in Honor pale colors and “flat” details. So, if you own the flagship and the quality of photography for you, then you can stay on the Samsung Galaxy S9. By functionality,
modern “iron” and high performance is better to go to Honor 20 Pro.

Or a budget newcomer to Realme 5 Pro?

Price-quality is all that is said. Inexpensive but productive and functional smartphone can be found among Chinese models in the price range of 15000 – 16000 rubles, such as Realme 5 Pro. he
It boasts not only its dimensions (6.3 inches diagonal), but also the stuffing in the form of a powerful Snapdragon 712 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and there is also
micro SD card slot. The smartphone has a 4035 mAh battery with a battery life of 30 hours and charges up to 100% in 90 minutes. The device has 4 main cameras and one front.

The Realme 5 Pro is suitable for those who plan to use their smartphone all day long without thinking about battery life. And it costs three times less than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

How about Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite or Pro?

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite scored 3.8 points, ranking 44th in the Rostachian rating, but considering that it costs several times less than its known competitors, it is quite a worthy result. device
It is worth 20000 rubles and is rich in functionality: there is a 3.5 mm connector, supports two SIM cards, there is a micro-SD connector and a fingerprint scanner. It has a large bright and contrasting display (6.39
inch), a smart processor and a productive chipset (model-adjusted). The Mi 9 Lite also has a 29.5 hour battery life. The quality of the photo and sound, though, is not very good

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro has a more powerful processor and better camera (bright colors, good detail and contrast), but for higher performance you have to pay extra: the difference between them is 14,000

OnePlus: 7T vs 7T Pro

The OnePlus 7T was not enough to get into the top ten smartphones in the Raskachy rating. This model scored 4,064 points. It overtook not only the Samsung S9 but also the iPhone 11 256 GB.

The 7T and 7T Pro (3.97 points) have the same processor and support all possible types of connections (from GPS to Bluetooth 5.0), but the 7T Pro still lags 7T when the price difference between them is greater
10,000: $ 46,000 OnePlus 7T Pro vs $ 36,000 for the OnePlus 7T.

The OnePlus 7T has a higher processor speed, which also improves the graphics on the device. With the same camera (now the main has become a triple, and before it there is a front with a resolution in
16 MP) in both models, tests showed that better photos come out of the 7T, and overall, in situations other than ideal, the 7T copes with taking better pictures. But in the model
The 7T Pro is a more capacious battery (it will last longer than 1.5 hours).

In the other two models are very similar: support for two seven-cards, fast charging, use of Fluid Display to work the screen and support for Android 10.

Oppo: Reno2 or Reno2 Z?

Oppo Reno2 ranked 28th, beating the iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) (30th at a price of 45,000 rubles) and Galaxy Note 8 (32nd place at a price of 47,000 rubles). The gadget received a 3.5mm connector and a connector on the
a second SIM or a memory card. Also included are headphones. Oppo Reno2 Z is cheaper than the basic model by about 10 thousand rubles (the price of Oppo Reno2 is 40000 rubles, and Oppo Reno2 Z is 30000),
and this has some limitations.

The cameras in both models are the same (quadruple module), but the firmware in them is different. Hence, better image stabilization with Oppo Reno2, enhanced photo clarity in low light and
the presence of a dual LED flash, while the Oppo Reno2 Z does not have a flash at all. In addition to the camera, a significant difference lies in the processor – Snapdragon 730G against the modest MediaTek Helio P90.
However, the battery life of the Oppo Reno2 Z is longer.

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