Toby Melville, Reuters

Roskomnadzor asked domestic IT companies to create video hosting for Russian media

Roskomnadzor has asked domestic IT companies to create video hosting sites for the Russian media. The reason was “Censoring Russian media” on YouTube. This was reported on the website of the department.

Toby Melville, Reuters

According to Roskomnadzor, YouTube has imposed a complete ban on the creation of video channels by the Russian media ANNA NEWS (Analytical Network News Agency). The agency called on Google to lift the veto and restore the organization’s access to the service. The authorities also offered domestic publications to use domestic video hosting sites.

“A purposeful policy of censoring in relation to the Russian media is unacceptable and violates the key principles of free dissemination of information and unhindered access to it. We demand that all restrictions on access to the “ANNA NEWS” YouTube channels be lifted as soon as possible. “, – approved in the statement of the state structure.

This is not the first claim of Roskomnadzor against Google. Less than a week ago, the agency filed a lawsuit against the company due to insufficient filtering of search results. Because of this, the corporation faces a fine of up to five million rubles.

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