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Roskomnadzor found no problems or glitches related to Twitter slowdown

The Center for Monitoring and Control of the Public Communication Network (CMU SSOP, part of the Roskomnadzor structure) did not record any problems or failures due to the slowdown of Twitter. Representatives of the department reported this to Interfax. The reason for the problems in the work of other resources not related to the social network has not been specified.

Ramil Sitdikov, RIA Novosti

Ramil Sitdikov, RIA Novosti

“The specialists of the MSC SSOP, together with the duty services of telecom operators, provide round-the-clock control of the network operation. There were no incidents related to slowdown in access to Twitter “, – said in a statement of the service.

Recall that on March 10, Roskomnadzor announced a slowdown in the data transfer rate when working with Twitter. This affected mobile platforms and desktops. The reason was that from 2017 to the present, the service has been ignoring requests from the department and does not remove illegal content.

Later, users noticed disruptions in the work of a number of resources and found out that the department slowed down the work of sites that contained the sequence of characters “t.co” in the address (a site with a similar domain is designed to shorten links on Twitter). Because of this, there were problems with loading the sites of the TV channel RT, Microsoft, Pinterest, Reddit and many others. The department did not react in any way to the dissemination of information about this.

On March 11, users of the NTC portal recorded the removal of restrictions on the download speed from sites not related to the social network. The restrictions continued to apply only on Twitter.

Twitter representatives confirmed the slowdown of the platform in Russia and said that they are “concerned about the desire to limit the freedom of discussion on the Web.” The company also stressed that they adhere to the so-called “zero tolerance” policy in relation to users posting illegal content.

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