Roskomnadzor will form a register of social networks

Roskomnadzor will form a register of social networks

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Anna Savelieva | 12/21/2020

Roskomnadzor will form a register of social networks

Amendments were made to the State Duma, according to which the department will recognize Internet resources as social networks, as well as require hosting providers to provide data on the owners.

As TASS reports with reference to the document, in this way Roskomnadzor wants to oblige resources to identify and block illegal
content, namely materials with pornographic images of minors, information that inclines children to commit life-threatening illegal actions, data on manufacturing methods and
the use of drugs, advertising for the remote sale of alcohol and online casinos and methods of committing suicide, and calls for it.

The definition of social networks will include Internet resources intended and used by users “for provision and distribution through personal pages created by them.
information ”in Russian and state languages ​​of the republics of the Russian Federation. An important criterion is attendance – more than 500 thousand people per day. If within three months the indicator is in
within a day less than 500 thousand, at the request of the owner, the site can be excluded from the register.

Within three working days from the date of receipt of Roskomnadzor’s notification, the hosting provider will be obliged to provide data “to identify the owner of the social network.”

In addition to blocking illegal content, the resources will be obliged to restrict access to information that expresses “clear disrespect” to society, the state and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as calls for
riots, extremism and participation in uncoordinated public events.

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