"Rossetti" has completed the pilot of tax monitoring automation

“Rossetti” has completed the pilot of tax monitoring automation

As a result of the project a functional beta version of the solution “1C: Tax monitoring”, which automates the interaction, was tested and optimized
enterprises with tax authorities, including the organization of access of tax specialists to the accounting and tax records of the company, processing of FNS requests and control over them

The transition of Rossetti to tax monitoring is planned from 2020. The proceeds of the pilot project will be used to develop the 1C: Tax system
monitoring, as well as the functionality of tax monitoring in “1C: Holding Management” and “1C: ERP. Holding Management “.

Tax monitoring automation reduces tax administration costs, improves the quality of the tax function within the firm, reduces the time of tax audit verification from 3
years up to 9 months after the end of the tax year and exclude retrospective risk in the event of obtaining a qualified opinion issued by the Russian tax authorities.

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