Роботизированный учебный комлекс Rozum Robotics (источник изображения Ростех)

Rostec and Rozum Robotics teach students how to robotize tedious manual work

Rostec and Rozum Robotics bring to the market a robotic complex for training university and college students in the widespread adoption of robotic processes. It is proposed to obtain knowledge in the new field of so-called cobots – robotic manipulators aimed at close interaction with humans. Cobots can perform routine work instead of humans, even in the field of street catering, although they are not limited to this.

Rozum Robotics Robotic Training Complex (image source Rostec)

Rozum Robotics Robotic Training Complex (image source Rostec)

The RozumLab installation proposed by Rostec and Rozum Robotics is a 200-kg 1.5-meter table with a short (1 m long) programmable conveyor, a robotic arm, a standard robot gripper, a set of sensors and buttons, a backlight for safe operation, a laptop and access point.

Cobots or collaborative robots are a new segment of the global robotics market. Unlike heavy industrial manipulators, cobots can be used in direct contact with humans, which makes their use very extensive in all industries, from transport engineering to automation of restaurants and even street catering. In fact, this is the basis of the future flexible automation of digital production, which needs to be taught from the school or student bench.

The course attached to the robotic complex is designed for 14 weeks of training. It is possible to choose the additional equipment of the complex depending on the specialization: “Security”, “Technical Vision”, “Specialized Grippers” and “Vacuum capture devices”. Each additional set includes hardware, software and methodological support, which does not exclude the development of their courses.

According to the developers, with the help of the installation, students can in practice master 90% of real production tasks. “One of the main obstacles to the introduction of robots in enterprises is the lack of specialized specialists”– said the Executive Director of Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko. The proposed educational robotic complex will help to solve the indicated problem at least partially.

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