Rostec boosts exports of electronic components amid pandemic

Rostec boosts exports of electronic components amid pandemic

The holding “Roselectronika” of the State Corporation Rostec said that, despite the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, deliveries abroad of Russian electronic components of reed switches for the quarter will increase by 35%. Demand for products increased due to the launch of Chinese enterprises after quarantine and against the background of the suspension of the production of reed switches in other countries.

Reed switches are electronic components that are widely used in household appliances, automotive, medical and telecommunications equipment, automation and security systems. In the mass, these are small hermetically sealed glass cones in which there are closely located open or closed contacts that close or open with a magnetic or electromagnetic field.

The basic design of the reed switch has not actually received any changes for decades. This, of course, is a popular and highly reliable electronic component. And we can only welcome that the Ryazan metal-ceramic devices plant (RZMKP) that produces reed switches is among the three largest manufacturers of these components in the world with a market share of about 14%. But this is such a simple production that at the present stage of development of semiconductor devices it looks like the release of radio tubes against the background of processors for smartphones. So the achievement is dubious.

“In April, we received a large volume of orders from Chinese enterprises that returned to work after quarantine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. For us, China is one of the main markets, about 80% of our products are exported to the “world factory”. Demand is also growing in connection with the news about the stoppage of American production of reed switches in the Philippines. ”– said the general director of RZMKP Arkady Orlov.

“In April, the Rostec structure shipped 16 million reed switches to foreign customers; in May, deliveries to other countries will increase to 18 million units”.

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