Rostek designed a digital government for the Saratov region and Adygea

Rostek designed a digital government for the Saratov region and Adygea

Roselectronics Holding of Rostekh State Corporation has developed projects of situation centers of heads of the Saratov region and the Republic of Adygea, which will become the basis of the “digital government”. They will
to automatically collect data on the situation in the regions and predict its development, which will allow the leaders of the entities to quickly assess the situation, plan and adopt management

The centers include software and integration platforms, as well as more than a hundred analytical modules covering all spheres of government. The solution processes the data once
monitoring of offenses, emergencies, reports in mass media and social networks, monitors the functioning of public utilities, health and education, evaluates the effectiveness of management
fuel and energy and agro-industrial complexes in the region, controls the progress of implementation of investment projects and federal target programs in the territory of the subject. The user can
to monitor the situation at the same time on several aspects selected by customizing the interface of the interactive panels with the help of filters.

According to ROSTECH, the projects will allow in the short term to create in the regions a digital management system, which will integrate other resources of local authorities. designed
the centers will become part of a system of distributed situational centers of the country that operate under a single regulatory framework. Similar solutions and other elements of the digital government have already been created
for Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and other regions.

The technical design and working documentation for the hardware and software complex were prepared by specialists of the Rubin Research Institute (included in the constellation concern of Roselectronics Holding). For each of the regions
digital models have been created for the most important functions of the Situation Center: the “Continuing Activities” Complex, which tracks key government performance indicators, and
“Finance” complex for monitoring of budget expenditures.

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