Rostelecom and Huawei presented a smart router for gamers

Rostelecom and Huawei presented a smart router for gamers


Andrey Markeev | 11/21/2020

Rostelecom and Huawei presented a smart router for gamers

Router “Gaming RTX“Is already available for order in St. Petersburg and other regions where Rostelecom has optical access networks PON
(Passive Optical Network).

This technology, providing data transmission at a speed of about 1 Gbit / s, the operator began to use to provide access to the Internet to its subscribers at the end of 2009. At that time he has
there were only 10,000 subscribers. Today, according to Alexei Nikitin, deputy director, technical director of the North-West macro-regional branch of Rostelecom, such
users already about 1 million

Currently, telecom growth drivers are: distance learning, work and communication, video, augmented and virtual reality, games. The Russian gaming market is constantly growing and especially in
conditions of a pandemic. This is due to the increase in Internet penetration and improvements in the quality of the mobile Internet, as well as the proliferation of cloud services.

According to various estimates, the number of gamers in Russia today exceeds 65 million people (given that, according to the data for 2020, the country’s population was 147 million people).

At the same time, 51% of users play at least once every six months, 92% play at home, 15% in transport, 14% at work, 8% with relatives and friends, 6% in airports, 4% in the metro, 3% in places of study …

According to the results of a joint study by Superdata (part of Nielsen) and Wargaming, the volume of the Russian video game market in 2019 amounted to more than $ 1 billion 843 million. And according to
According to a study conducted this year by Huawei jointly with Constanta, by 2023 the volume of proceeds from gaming in the Russian market could reach 40 billion rubles.

Therefore, gamers are a very important audience for providers and vendors.

And since 2016, Rostelecom has been developing an ecosystem of digital services for gamers and e-sportsmen, at the center of which is the Gaming tariff for online players.

Also, as noted by Artyom Chermenin, director of mass segment product development, curator of the creation of an ecosystem of services for gamers at Rostelecom, it includes access to
cloud gaming, bonus gaming platform and games marketplace.

A logical continuation of the development of this ecosystem was the joint development of Rostelecom and Huawei of the Gaming RT-X router. This is the most powerful home router offered by the operator today for
mass segment. It supports 4×4 MIMO technology in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, providing data exchange rates of 600 and 1733 Mbps, respectively.

The highlight of this device is its support for artificial intelligence technology, developed specifically for gamers, which ensures the prioritization of game traffic and
reducing the time of data exchange with remote servers.

The router already supports 18 of the most popular online games and plans to add cloud gaming acceleration in the next phase. Gaming RT-X has been tested on the Rostelecom network in
different regions and today it can be used wherever the operator has PON-networks and it is promised that next year it will be adapted for networks based on FTTx technology.

The price of the new item is 8999 rubles, and with a 2-year installment plan, the monthly payment for it will be 399 rubles.

Dmitry Trikoz, director of the department for work with key clients of Huawei in Eurasia, noted that now the partners are working on other devices that will be able to prioritize other types
traffic associated with the transfer of “heavy” content – high definition video, moving large amounts of data, etc.


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