Текущая сеть каналов связи Ростелеком

Rostelecom’s construction of a communication line across the whole of Russia will cost 40 billion rubles / ServerNews

Rostelecom is preparing to lay a new communication line for high-speed data transmission from the western borders of Russia to Vladivostok, from where submarine cables will then be laid to Hong Kong and Japan. The volume of investments in the project will amount to 40 billion rubles.

According to the head of PJSC Rostelecom, Mikhail Oseevsky, the operator considers work on international markets promising. “The volume of traffic in the world is growing, the volume of information is growing, and Russia can provide the easiest and most reliable way of transferring from Europe to Asia. In this regard, we are starting a large project of laying a modern high-speed line from the western borders of Russia to Vladivostok, and then a submarine cable to Hong Kong and Japan. The project is large-scale, the volume of investments will be approximately 40 billion rubles“, – said Oseevsky.

Rostelecom's current communication channel network

Rostelecom’s current communication channel network

The head of PJSC Rostelecom specified that half of the capacity of the new line is planned to be used for domestic needs, and the other half will be used for international traffic transmission. According to him, the payback period of the project will be five years. The design capacity of the new FOCL is 96 dark fibers (Dark Fiber) of the ULL (Ultra Low Loss) class. The estimated service life of the new line is at least 25 years.

Among other large infrastructure projects, one can recall the cooperation of MegaFon with the Finnish operator Cinia, within the framework of which it is planned to lay a transarctic fiber-optic communication line with a length of 10 thousand km, which will connect Tokyo and Helsinki.