RTM version of Windows 10X will be released in December this year

RTM version of Windows 10X will be released in December this year

Microsoft announced the Windows 10X operating system, which is optimized for dual-screen devices, last fall. Her official debut was supposed to take place this year, but it was postponed. Now, network sources say that Windows 10X RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version will be presented in December this year, and the new operating system will be available to a wide range of users in the spring of 2021.

According to the available data, along with the launch of Windows 10X, developers will change the distribution model for functional updates for the standard version of the software platform. Windows 10 feature updates are expected to be rolled out once a year in the fall, while an update for Windows 10X will be released in the spring.

It is not known at this time whether it is planned to test Windows 10X with the participation of participants in the Insider Program. The likelihood of this is high, since Microsoft wants to release a product that will work as smoothly as possible from the start. It is already known that initially Windows 10X will appear on devices with one screen. The source says that on devices with two screens, the new OS will only appear in 2022, when the launch of the laptop with two screens Microsoft Surface Neo takes place.

The good news is that Windows 10X development is progressing fast enough, and the upcoming RTM build confirms this. After that, Microsoft can start a testing phase that will last until the full release.

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