Russia decided to get ahead of the United States, and the first to shoot a film in space

Russia decided to get ahead of the United States, and the first to shoot a film in space

The space race received an unexpected continuation. Earlier this year, the US space agency NASA announced plans to shoot the first ever film in space. Roscosmos decided that the first feature film in space should be made not by America, but by Russia. As indicated on the website of the state corporation, the First Channel and the Yellow, Black and White company will be engaged in the production of the first Russian feature film in space with the support of the space department.

The picture received the working title “Challenge”. It will be directed by Klim Shipenko. Previously, he was noted for the creation of such films as the very successful “Kholop”, as well as “Salyut-7”. It is reported that the producers of the film will be, in particular, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin and General Director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst.

The state corporation explained that a flight to the International Space Station (ISS) is planned for the fall of 2021, provided for by the plot of the film. The main character of the film, as well as his stunt double, will go to the station on the Soyuz MS manned spacecraft. They, as indicated by the Russian space agency, will be determined by the results of an open competition.

The official title of the film and its release date are still unknown. At the moment, the parties are discussing the details of the future film – the script, the technical capabilities of filming and the cast. According to Roscosmos, this picture will contribute to the popularization of space activities in Russia and the glorification of the cosmonaut profession.

By the way, the Russian state corporation declares that this will be the first feature film ever shot in space. However, the Russian painting may be late in obtaining this title, as mentioned above. Recall that in the future, the possibility of filming an American feature film in space with the participation of the popular Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is also being considered. Universal Pictures agreed to produce the tape, which is ready to spend at least $ 200 million on the film. Filming will be carried out with the support of the American space agency NASA, as well as the private company SpaceX.

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