Russia is preparing to launch two spherical glass satellites

Russia is preparing to launch two spherical glass satellites

Next year, two Russian satellites made of glass are to go into orbit. This, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, said the leadership of the Research and Production Corporation “Precision Instrumentation Systems”, which is part of Roscosmos.

This is the Blitz-M project. It involves the creation of spherical spacecraft with a perfectly smooth surface. In orbit, such satellites will serve as targets for high-precision measurement of distances to them using laser rangefinders. This will provide the ability to calibrate measuring radio engineering systems, determine the orbits of geodetic and navigation satellites with a minimum error, etc.

Glass sphere satellites are planned to be launched into different orbits – above 1500 km above the Earth. Currently, as noted, a contract for the launch of these devices is in the stage of execution.

It should be added that at the end of 20219, a similar satellite was already launched. However, then the device could not separate from the upper stage, which is why it was lost.

We also note that the Blitz-M satellites have a diameter of 220 mm. In their manufacture, the technology of ultra-precise production of multi-layer spherical lenses is used.

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