Russian AI system will be able to manage constellations of thousands of satellites

Russian AI system will be able to manage constellations of thousands of satellites

The Russian Space Systems (RCS) holding, part of the state corporation Roskosmos, spoke about a project to create a specialized system with elements of artificial intelligence (AI), designed to control multi-satellite orbital constellations.

The control tools currently used in the Russian Federation provide for the maintenance of each spacecraft separately: its performance and orbital position are monitored, deviations or threats are parried. To control the current constellation, consisting of more than 150 satellites, the ground-based automated complex conducts up to 2 thousand control sessions daily.

However, in the case of groups of thousands of vehicles, this approach can simply lead to collapse. Therefore, a qualitatively new method is required, the development of which is being carried out by the RCU staff.

A feature of the new technology will be the transition from the point control of individual spacecraft used today to the control of the systemic effect of the entire orbital constellation. In their development, DCS specialists propose to use the methods of coordinated self-organization – or homeostasis, which will effectively manage the orbital structure, its number, system resources, data transmission network and orbital computing network“, – the message says.

It is assumed that the new management platform will have a hierarchical structure. The necessary tasks will be entered at the top level. Further, the AI ​​system will independently determine the spacecraft and control commands to achieve the desired effect. In this case, the orbital positions of each satellite, their technical condition, the availability of energy resources and reserves of the working fluid will be assessed.

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