Russian authorities will mitigate requirements for preinstalling domestic software

Russian authorities will mitigate requirements for preinstalling domestic software

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Sergey Dragun | 06/19/2020

Russian authorities will mitigate requirements for preinstalling domestic software

FAS will make concessions – instead of presetting, it will be enough to install icons for self-downloading, Kommersant writes. New requirements could theoretically combine preset with
work in the closed ecosystem of Apple.

FAS sent to the government a draft resolution on the mandatory pre-installation of domestic applications and programs on smartphones, computers and Smart TV. The regulator calculates that its
will be accepted until July 1.

The requirements will apply only to smartphones, computers, laptops and TVs. There are no tablets, smart watches and navigators in the list. A candidate for inclusion in the list must have at least 100 thousand
downloads or 100 thousand unique users per day, and promote the dissemination of socially significant information and spiritual and moral values. The latter probably mean
Yelitsa’s Orthodox social network and Rublev’s Orthodox search engine – if you enter the word “porn” in the search line, it will give a link to the seventh commandment.

Smartphone manufacturers will be required to install 13 types of applications: search services, maps, antivirus, government services application, online cinema, instant messengers and social networks, cloud services
storage, office software, news aggregator and voice assistant.

On laptops and PCs you will have to install 12 categories of programs, and on Smart TV – three (online cinemas, a service for viewing mandatory public channels and a news aggregator).

It is important that the preinstallation of applications in full is optional – it is enough to place icons with which the consumer can download the program himself. This measure is a loophole for Apple. It
remains the last major company that has not yet met FAS and will not install Russian software.

Other manufacturers are not so categorical. Samsung and Huawei have already agreed to a pre-installation.

Market participants need at least 18 months to prepare for new requirements, and the costs of each manufacturer will exceed $ 1 million, which will lead to an increase in smartphone prices by at least 500 rubles.,
confident in RATEK. The Association proposes to return the decision for revision and to postpone its entry into force until July 1, 2022.

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